Project TE-1: A 180hp Electric Motorcycle

The Project TE-1 by British motorcycle manufacturer Triumph has entered the next phase of development Around two years ago, Triumph Motorcycles in an association with Williams Advanced Engineering, Integral Powertrain and WMG announced the kick-off of their Project TE-1. Given the upsurge in the pollution level around the world, all the major two-wheeler manufacturers rose to develop electric motorcycles and scooters. However, Triumph does not have any electric motorcycle and scooter in the market at present. The reason being that Triumph has consistently been a brand that makes luxury motorcycles that are high on performance. Therefore, they have collaborated with the above companies to construct a unique electric motorcycle. As per Triumph motorcycles, their upcoming Project TE-1 could spawn a peak power figure of 180hp. Recently, Project TE-1 completed its second phase of development and Triumph has published few details about the motorcycle’s electric powertrain and battery via a video on their official YouTube channel. Powertrain- As per a report by Autocar India, the motorcycle’s single motor and inverter has been integrated into a compact unit by the e-Drive division of Integral Powertrain Ltd. Furthermore, the motor has been developed to generate a power density greater than what has been set by the United Kingdom Automotive Council for 2025. The Chief Technical Officer at Internal Powertrain Ltd, Andrew Cross said, “One of the most influential factors in how well a motorcycle handles and performs is mass, so at Integral Powertrain we have focused heavily on making a step-change in motor and inverter design, removing heavy high voltage cables for example. This delivers a product that is significantly more compact and lighter than anything currently available on the market. The motor produces 130kW or almost 180hp, but weighs only 10kg, much lighter than existing technology and clearly a small fraction of the mass of traditional internal combustion engines.” Battery- Williams Advanced Engineering has created the ideal battery required for the motorcycle to churn out 180hp. As per the company, they have given their all to create a battery layout that balances the mass and positioning within the chassis. To create such a layout, the company has taken into consideration the centre of gravity, space and relationship with the engine and the approach of charging. Williams has also designed a unique vehicle control unit which has been blended with the battery pack to bring down the overall weight. The TE-1 is likely to arrive by 2022 as per Steve Sargent, the Chief Product Officer for Triumph. To watch the full video, click on this link.