Practical Tricks to Stop Yourselffrom Buying Too Many New Clothes

If you want to break free from this unending cycle of stuffing your closet with new clothes, this might be an exciting story for you. Whenever we think of getting rid of buying clothes, we are distracted from our resolution by the tempting collection of designer clothes at a heavy discount. Sometimes, we become compulsive buyers due to our need to seek novelty and break our wardrobes' monotony. Since we have ‘programmed’ our minds into believing that our confidence would suffer in the absence of the latest fashion, we fall prey to the lure of buying new clothes. However, we must understand that this never-ending cycle becomes toxic in the process, and it needs to break. Let’s look at some ways that could help you from being a compulsive clothes buyer. Cancel your membership or unsubscribe from shopping emails: It also includes deleting all the shopping apps on your phone. You need to cancel out all the prospective allurement, which comes as discount coupons on the latest collection from your favourite store through email or SMS. You would probably experience a great deal of 'FOMO' (fear of missing out), but it is essential to put these distractions away at the earliest. We all know the 'out of sight, out of mind' rule. Right? Make an inventory of clothes in your wardrobe: The next step is to dive into the unending sea of polyester in your closetand make a note of each item. You shall discover some unused gems in the form of clothes you have never worn or dresses that you wore only once or twice. The given exercise shall ease your thought that makes you think that you have nothing good to wear. Rearranging your wardrobe: You could reorganize your wardrobe and give yourself a chance to appreciate every item that you have with you. You could try all clothes on you and if some dress doesn’t fit or is a size bigger, donate it to others. Else, you could put it up for selling and earn some quick bucks too. Taking care of your clothes:Regular washing clothes according to the instructions, getting them dry cleaned, ironing, and placing them correctly in your closet are ways to increase your clothes' lifespan. Wait before buying: It seems hard to wait when you have already found the perfect summer dress for you. Well, the idea is to contemplate before you seal the deal. You could use the '30 times' rule. Ask yourself if you would wear the given dress thirty times before discarding it; if the answer is no, then you don't need it. Let’s prevent ourselves from having buyer's remorse from impulsive shopping by being wise about our purchases.