Popular musicians who became popular Actors

We have seen singers acting in their music albums, but there are some singers who have taken it to a different level and have turned into amazing actors. Whether it's singing or acting, their talent knows no boundaries. From Grammy to Emmy they are up for everything. So let’s check out some of the most popular musicians turned actors who made it big, both on stage and on screen. Mandy Moore From the stage to the red carpet she has rocked it all. 90’s popular pop star turned actor, Mandy Moore has done many movies and tv shows. From Princess Diaries to A walk to remember to This is Us, her journey has been amazing as an actor. Justin Timberlake With two Emmy and Grammy Awards in his name, this actor first started his journey in the showbiz business as an actor in the children’s television series The Mickey Mouse Club but unfortunately, things didn’t really take off for him. Then after starting his career and succeeding in it, Timberlake started focusing on his acting and got the opportunity to be starred in films like The Social Network, Bad Teacher, Friends with Benefits, and In Time. Timberlake has done an amazing job at acting while maintaining a music career that includes five studio albums, two compilation albums, and 39 singles. Lady Gaga A title perfectly suiting her ‘ A star is Born’ is although her finest acting till date but certainly not her first. She had appeared on a 2001 episode of The Sopranos as a classmate of A. J. Soprano’s, when she was just 15 years old. After becoming a sensation in pop, Gaga appeared in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For in 2014. After that, she won a Golden Globe for her portrayal of the Countess in American Horror Story: Hotel. Ice - T Began his career as an underground rapper in the 1980s, Ice -T is the frontman of the heavy metal band Body Count. His acting journey started with New Jack City where he played the role of a police detective in 1991 and then his role as a ‘Cop’ never stopped. He eventually went on to star as Detective OdafinTutuola in "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit," arguably one of the most iconic cop roles of all time. Will Smith One of the most popular actors across the globe, this rapper turned actor made it big in showbiz. He started his rap career when he was a teenager with Jeff Townes under the moniker DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince.  After becoming a successful rapper, Smith got his first break into the movies in  1991, where NBC developed a sitcom around Smith, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, on which he starred for six seasons. After that there was no looking back, Smith starred in one of the most iconic roles in Hollywood and went on to earn Oscar nominations for his role of Cassius X in  2001’s Ali and Christopher Gardner in 2006’s The Pursuit of Happiness. Apart from these stars, there are many iconic ‘musician turned actors’ such as Elvis Presley, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Ice Cube, Mark Wahlberg, Beyoncé, etc.