Pick the right size - Pro tips on what size of artwork to pick for your home

Doing a new house or thinking to re-do your house? Well, there could be various reasons for you to hang large wall arts in your house. Large wall arts are a great way to fill small spaces in your house as well as make it look bigger. Large wall art surely optimises the space and leave it to look Neat and uncluttered. It adds a character to your home. Whether it’s a large painting, a frame, a canvas or a handmade painting, wall arts never fails to enhance the look of your room with colour and style. However, the right size and placement may get daunting and you might end up making the same space look cluttered because of choosing the wrong artwork. Here’s a quick guide on how to pick the right size and type of painting for your room to make your room look bigger and uncluttered. Choose your space first Choosing the right wall space is the first important step to get the most of the wall art you are going to choose. Make sure it’s big enough, if not remove all the unnecessary furniture in and around that space. The more empty the wall space is the better will your wall art look. Always think about the overall dimension of the wall and the wall art’s orientation. For instance, a vertical or portrait artwork will go best with tall and narrow walls whereas horizontal walls around your living room, behind your sofas, and behind your bed works best for a landscape orientation artwork. Split the artwork. There is no hard and fast rule to place your artwork in a single frame. You can always break your artwork into two or three different canvasses to make it look more stylish. If you plan to cover one big wall, the idea of putting multiple pieces of the same artwork will add more visual interest to that space and will give your wall a more stylish and fancy appearance. Choose the right style and colour Choosing the right style of artwork is as important as picking up artwork for your home. Though it’s your personal choice about what to pick, abstract prints, contemporary prints, fine line wall arts, bright, bold, bohemian and watercoloured paintings are few picks you can consider. Once you know the style that would go best with your walls, choose the best suitable colour for your room. Choose what matches your room’s interior including the furniture, wall colour, curtains etc. If you are unsure of where to begin from, Consider these tips to get the right artwork for yourself. You truly deserve a home that gives you peace and comfort and suits your style.