Pets Perfect For College Students

These pets are perfect for college students.

College life can be rough, stressful and challenging. Having a pet during these tough experiences can be a blessing. However, this is the time when a students life can be hectic with classes and social activities. Plus, you have to consider where you are living and if they allow pets. If you are able to have a pet and looking for one that is low-maintenance, here are a few animals that are ideal for college students to adopt.


If you are living with many roommates or are not allowed to have a dog or cat in the house, a fish can be an amazing companion. While you may not get to cuddle or hug them, they can be that soothing friend when you are having a rough day. Best of all, there are not many places that will have a problem with you having a fish as a pet. Goldfish, guppies, or betta fish are some options you can explore.


Birds are ideal for small spaces as they don’t take up too much space. Plus, they are extremely smart. When you are not studying or hanging out with friends, you can teach your bird cool new tricks and skills. Make sure you choose a bird that is suitable for your space and the environment. More importantly, it should be a safe and secure space for them to feel comfortable.


Hamsters are perfect for college students to have as pets. They are super entertaining and can do a whole lot to bring you joy. They also happen to be nocturnal. So they can be good company for those nights when you are up late cramming for a test.


If you are looking for a pet that is furry and that you can cuddle, a rabbit could be the best choice. They are quiet and can be trained easily. They are also extremely loving when they feel safe around you. You can develop a strong bond with it. They even have a way of comforting you when you are down or miss home. They are especially the best pets to have if you are missing a pet back at home, like a dog or cat.

While there are many animals that can make wonderful pets during your college years, make sure you choose one that is ideal for your lifestyle. Some pets require more attention and upkeep than others.

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