Perfumes: 8 Tips to make the scent last longer

Applying perfume the right way will make your scent last longer.

We all love smelling great all day. But you may have noticed that the smell wears off in a couple of hours. This happens because you are not applying the perfume in the right away.

To ensure that your perfume lasts longer, you need to follow the below tips.

  1. Apply after shower
Right after showering and drying off, you will need to apply your perfume to make the fragrance last all day.
  1. Pulse points
When it comes to making fragrances last longer, keep in mind the pulse points, which are wrists, inner elbow, back of the knee and nape of your neck. Perfumes react to heat and applying to these pulse points will have them releasing scent throughout the day.
  1. Use Vaseline before applying perfume
Take a little bit of Vaseline and smooth it on your pulse points before spraying your favourite fragrance to make it last longer. Vaseline will hold on the fragrance to your skin longer as compared to applying it on your dry skin.
  1. Spray perfume on your hairbrush
If you want to make your hair also smell nice, spray some of the perfume on your brush and use it comb your hair. However, do not spray the perfume directly on your hair as the alcohol in it can cause damage.
  1. Use fragrance dipped cotton balls or buds
For touch-ups throughout the day, spritz your perfume on a couple of cotton balls or buds. Put them in a plastic bag and squeeze out all the air while they are wet. Ensure that the cotton balls or buds are moist enough to apply later in the day.
  1. Use a dark and cool place to store your perfume
In fluctuating temperatures and humidity, the fragrance can break down. Therefore, store the perfume bottle in a cool drawer away from the sunlight, instead of your bathroom shelf.
  1. Don’t rub wrists
After applying perfume on your wrist, it is common to rub them together. However, do not do that because the friction will cause the perfume to fade faster and won’t last long.
  1. Don’t shake the fragrance bottle
Perfumes are designed to stand still. Shaking the bottle will allow the air to infuse in the fragrance and reduce its lifespan.

There you have it – tips to make your perfume last longer.