Path-breaking Indie films changing the Indian cinematic narrative

For their unique storyline and believable acting skills, these are a must watch

Amidst the latka-jhatkas and sobbing heroines often running around tress for a dance number being interrupted by villains, there is a cinema that is keeping the reality of the Indian society. Emerged films with the subject of reality, that havelong remained unexplored and untouched with real surroundings and tales. These indie films while have captivated the audience at home for their stark representation at the same time have garnered worldwide appreciation.

Lipstick Under My Burkha In the current era of cinema, it is one of the most powerful narrations on female experience, their struggles, aspirations, desires and living. Tracing the lives of five women showing their acts of courage, hope and their battle against society for a life they can live on their own terms. The interesting part is that the film talks about marital rape and slut-shaming using dark humour revealing the patriarchy.

Newton This was India’s official entry to the Oscars, and rightly so for its attempt at bringing to screen the crumbling state of Indian democracy. The protagonist Newton played by Rajkummar Rao is a government clerk on election duty in a Naxal-controlled town of Chhattisgarh. Rao effortlessly showed the struggle of Newton wanting to conduct free and fair voting amidst the fear of guerrilla attacks by communist rebels.

A Death In The Gunj With this film, KonkanaSen Sharma turned a director and there is nothing in it that would disappoint you. Set in 1979 in an old Anglo-Indian town, the story follows a family uniting after ages with close friends. What sets out to be a perfect family holiday, soon turns into an unpleasant murder of a family member.

Love So far one of the finest films in Indian cinema depicting the LGBTQ+ genre. The story follows two childhood friends Sahil; a Mumbai-based musician and Jai; a New York businessman, who plans a road trip and how during their time together the two friends confess their feelings for each other. The story and portrayals are worth a praise for effortlessly depicting the estranged love that grapples between friendship and passion.

Village Rockstars This Rimi Das film follows a 10-year old girl who forms a rock band with the boys in a remote Assamese village. But when those boys begin to give up on their music dream, it further pumps Dhunu’s wish to own a guitar. The story then evolves following Dhunu in pursuit of fulfilling her wish.

Few other indie films that are a must-watch are Sexy Durga/S Durga, Daughters Of Mother India, Ajji, Dhanak, Chittagong, Sulemani Keeda, Maroon, Filmistaan, and Love, Sonia to name a few.