Olympic athletes winning it on TikTok too

They are famous for their hard work and some fun

From the time TikTok came into the realm of the Internet, it has swept people off their feet. While it has seen the commoner making the best of it, celebrities and sportspersons alike can’t keep their hands off the social media platform. With the gone Tokyo Olympics game, many athletes have taken to TikTok as a means of giving the world a peek into the behind-the-scenes at the Olympics and also introducing fans to the struggles and challenges of an athlete’s life. Right from the athletes sharing with their followers the update of a jumper being knitted through the events to a few of them sharing their win personally with their followers, TikTok has seen it all. So here is a list of Olympic athletes you should follow on the social media platform for fun and information.

Nineteen-year-old Australian diver Sam Fricker has around 1.1 million followers. This chatty and affable diver posts up to 10 TikToks a day, giving fans and followers a peek into the athlete life at the Games.

The 28-year-old rugby Cody Murphy has been a long-time user of TikTok and is known for putting on social media his   Tokyo journey. At the same time, he also introduced the followers to the behind-the-scenes of Olympic Village, besides answering followers’ questions.

Eighteen-year-old US diver Tyler Downs has 913,000 followers. Downs’ fame on TikTok came after going viral as he was the first Olympian for being starstruck seeing Simone Biles. The athlete was also known for testing the durability of cardboard beds.

The British sprinter Laviai Nielsen has been a favourite among the TikTok family for keeping in constant touch with the fans and followers, and at the same time, answering all types of questions, her followers have had. The athlete right from keeping the fans informed on the self-isolation period before entering the Olympic Village to later. The sprinter is known for answering some hard-hitting questions.

Twenty-four-year-old US Rugby player Ilona Maher has 725,000 followers and is known for sassy takes. Right from her highly scientific review of the cardboard beds, her much relatable struggle of socialising during a pandemic, she is a delight to follow.

Other Olympic athletes that have taken the TikTok by storm are Suni Lee, Margie DidalAbi Burton, Courtney Hurley, Sky Brown, Jordan Chiles, Raven Hulk Saunders, Harry McNulty, Erik Shoji, and Remedy Rule.

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