Oldest Car Manufacturers in the World

Some of the car manufacturing brands we observe now have lived for over 200 years

As the title of this article reads, this piece is all about the oldest car producers in the world. To be honest, some of the car manufacturing brands we see today have existed for over 200 years. So, without further ado, let’s quickly dive into the actual content!

Peugeot- Surprised? Well, Peugeot started as a coffee-mill company in 1810. Later on, the company ventured into the business of producing bicycles in 1830 and coffee grinding in 1842. Finally, in 1882, the company started building cars. In 1889, they created their first car after collaborating with Leon Serpollet.

Tatra- Originally dubbed the Ignatz Schustala & Comp, the business started by producing horse-drawn carriages and in 1891; it began to manufacture railroad cars. In 1897, the company’s director Hugo Fischer von Roeslerstamm bought a Benz car for himself. He drew inspiration from that car and ordered the company to create a car of their own, which was named the Präsident.

Opel Automobile GmbH- Founded by Adam Opel, Opel Automobile GmbH started as a sewing machine manufacturing company in 1862. In 1886, the company ventured into the business of bicycle manufacturing and by 1899; they produced their first car. By 1930, Opel grew into the biggest car manufacturing company in Europe.

Mercedes-Benz- Mercedes-Benz officially came into existence in 1926, but the company is an amalgamation of two other companies which were formed earlier. Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach founded the company Daimler in 1890, whereas Max Rose, Carl Benz and Frederich Wilhelm founded Benz & Cie in 1883. The five personalities came together to form Mercedes-Benz in 1926.

Skoda Auto- Hailing from the Kingdom of Bohemia, the company started as Laurin & Klement in 1885 selling motorcycles and bicycles. The company built its first car in 1905 and later on; it was acquired by Skoda Works. Skoda Works changed the name of the company to Skoda Auto and at present, it is a part of the Volkswagen group.

Land Rover- The first British car manufacturer, Land Rover, started as the Lancashire Steam Motor Company in 1896. During the time of its establishment, the company used to manufacture steam lawnmowers. Later on, in 1978, the company settled with the name Land Rover.

Honourable mentions:

  • Renault-1899
  • Fiat-1899
  • Cadillac-1901

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