New Year’s 2020- How to make this New Year’s lit as ever?

Just got to keep it low-key this time.

The pandemic has alarmed the world for months now. With the deadly virus going around, how shall we usher the New Year? Sure, the great outdoors although have gained normalcy, our faces are masked, and sanitization is the main concern. But with the year ending, the evitable needs to be answered. How will we celebrate New Year’s Eve this year?

Here are a few tips to keep this year’s eve lit as ever, just with precautions.

  1. Social distancing– This does not even need any explaining.
  2. House parties are better anyway– Instead of heading out to pubs to celebrate with a huge bunch of people, why not have house parties. That way, you can crowd control, and social distancing can be maintained.
  3. Priority listing – Since there will be a lot of partying, make sure to invite people who actually follow protocols; stuff like washing hands after entering the house, placing their masks in the proper place. Do not let people just fling their masks wherever they want. Omit people who think the pandemic is another conspiracy.
  4. Keep circles small – It’s possible to do one a year’s eve with a small circle of people, right? Whether you’re going out or having a gathering at your place or your friends’, keep a close-knit group.
  5. It’s okay to not get crazy one year (Hopefully) – No one would blame you if you would like to return home before the clock drops and the whole crowd goes crazy with the hugging the new year wishing.
  6. Home cooking anyone? – You could have an intimate circle dinner where everyone helps with the cooking. That way, you do not need to order take-outs and celebrate at your own pace.
  7. Keep the sanitizer close – Do not forget to sanitize every now and then. You know the rules.
  8. Get out of the city– Getting out of the city will be a nice change of scenery and away from the crowd. Maybe a hill station, a secluded cabin, some fireworks and you’re set, away from the crowd, super safe.
  9. Virtual gathering – Get on a zoom call with all your pals, even if you are getting out of the city. Google fun party games and you can also have a dress code for the event. Countdown till midnight. Set your screen-recorder on to capture all the crazy things your friends do.

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