National Shake Month: A Perfect Excuse to Try Dairy-Free Milkshakes

Celebrate this National Shake Month with delectable dairy-free milkshake alternatives!

September is National Shake Month, and it’s all about indulging in the deliciousness of mouthwatering milkshakes! Milkshakes hold a special place in our hearts, evoking childhood memories. However, not everyone can savor them worry-free. These days, many of us have dietary preferences leaning towards dairy-free products, and there are also people dealing with lactose intolerance. But can we truly savor the essence of National Shake Month with dairy alternatives? Don’t worry, we’re here as your trusted friend! Let’s give our beloved milkshakes a makeover with dairy-free versions, making them accessible and enjoyable for everyone in this National Shake Month!

Exploring Dairy-Free Milkshakes

The internet has been buzzing with the rising popularity of dairy-free milkshakes lately. These tasty alternatives have prompted lots of people to make the switch from traditional dairy milk to options like coconut, soy, and almond milk. While some may have health concerns about this shift, many others are motivated by ethical reasons linked to dairy product production.

Whatever your reason may be, we’re here to introduce you to some scrumptious dairy alternatives for your favorite milkshakes, so you can enjoy the same great taste without any compromises!

Elixir Boost

Let’s kickstart our coffee shake makeover! Step one: brew a supercharged coffee. Now, instead of your typical dairy milk, we’re going with almond milk (our creamy fave, but soy works too if that’s your jam). Time to hit that blender button and make some magic happen!

Now, here comes the superstar: caramel-flavored dairy-free ice cream! Plop a scoop on there, and boom! Your dairy-free elixir boost is good to go. Oh, and to add an extra touch of excitement, make sure you give it a nice drizzle of caramel sauce on top! Voila! You’ve just concocted your daily dose of dairy-free deliciousness. Sip and savor!

Tropical Getaway


Here’s a dairy-free treat that’ll whisk you away to paradise! Grab some frozen mangoes and pineapples. Instead of regular milk, opt for creamy coconut milk. The coconut’s rich essence mingling with the sweetness of mangoes and pineapples creates a drink that’s perfect for a cozy evening breeze or a healthy morning kickstart. Top it off with freshly sliced mangoes and pineapples for an extra burst of flavor!


Guess what’s making a grand entrance? Chocolate! To start, grab some dairy-free soy milk. Blend it with a pinch of cocoa powder. Now, introduce that luscious, creamy dairy-free chocolate ice cream into the mix. Keep blending! You’ll be left with a frothy, dreamy, chocolatey concoction. Sweeten it up to your liking, and indulge in the pure delight!

Green Goodness

Let’s give our dairy-free shakes a healthy twist, especially for all our health-conscious friends! Take that matcha green tea powder, mix it with creamy coconut milk, and blend it all together until it’s perfectly smooth. To add a touch of natural sweetness, we’re opting for pure honey in this recipe. There you have it! A healthier version of a dairy-free shake that perfectly suits the vibe of this month! You know what would make it even tastier? Just throw on some avocado slices as an extra delicious oomph!

National Shake Month is a fantastic opportunity to explore different dimensions of milkshakes. While the classic milkshake flavor is undeniably a crowd-pleaser, why not venture into uncharted territory this Shake Month? Dairy-free milkshake options not only rival the taste of traditional ones but also cater to a wider audience. So, how about we wade into the untapped charm of milkshakes this time around? We’ll whip up some fresh recipes and make cherished memories during this National Shake Month!

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