Napoli Set for Unsettling Summer Despite the Serie a Triumph

After a season that changed the history of the club, several departures and an internal brawl might nip the dreams in the bud. 

Manager Luciano Spaletti was a major missing piece when Napoli started their preseason camp at Dimario-Folgarida. Napoli president De Laurentiis told puzzled reporters, "We'll talk about football later. Today, the only topic of conversation is Trentino. If not, I'll stand up and leave." 

Unwanted contract extension? 

De Laurentiis addressed the stage at the Maradona stadium in Naples, some 400 kilometres away, after Napoli won the title with a draw against Udinese at the Dacia Arena on May 4.

Overwhelmed with joy, he told CBS, "Today is the crowning of an expectation that lasted 33 years. When I arrived, I said it would take 10 years to get into Europe – we maintained that early. I said another 10 years to win the Scudetto, and we did that again a couple of years in advance. Now we need to win it again, and again, and again. And of course, we’re missing the Champions League. This is a starting point for me, not an arrival. We resume next season with Spalletti."

"The next day, De Laurentis activated the one-year extension at Spaletti's contract. But it quickly became apparent that something was wrong after just a few hours. Spalletti was not pleased that he had not been informed in advance about the contract extension, jokingly remarking in an interview with DAZN, "I thank them for warning me that they had exercised [the option]."

Insiders said that Spalletti was furious and wanted to talk about the club's summer hiring plan before making any decisions regarding his future.

Giuntoli on his way to Juve 

Cristiano Giuntoli was the man behind the excellent transfer decisions that Serie A saw last season. He reduced the wage bill by a lot and also made a profit of 12 million euros. In addition to that, he bought Kim Min-jae, Khvicha Kvaratskhelia, and Andre-Frank Zambo Anguissa for a combined €43 million.

However, Guintoli might be on his way to the Old Lady even though he has a year left on his contract.

"There were so many indescribable moments I will always have with me," Giuntoli told DAZN. "At this moment, I am just trying to recognise how extraordinary it really is what we've achieved really. After that, I will calmly think about the future. I've been here for eight years and keep hearing about eras. We changed many players, and the squad has always been competitive. So if I was a fan, I wouldn't be worried about the future of Napoli with De Laurentiis."

Players out of the club 

Victor Osimhen, Kim Min-jae, and many other players are attracting big money from abroad, especially England. If they go out, then the squad will lose much of its quality, and it might become hard to sustain the winning form. Several reports say the return of Rafa Benitez might be on the cards for the Naples champions.