Myths about dental health

There is no alternative to a perfectly healthy smile as dental and overall oral health is extremely crucial for human beings.

Numerous information is available from various sources regarding oral health. But very little information is true. If you are facing a dental problem, this is the perfect article for you to gain scientific information about dental health. Let’s find out the actual facts behind traditional misconceptions about oral health.

Myth: Do not eat sweets, it causes dental cavities.

Fact: sugary food materials are not the sole cause of dental cavities. You can avoid sugary and sticky foods to prevent cavities. The reason behind cavities is the secreted acids from bacteria. This acid content increases tooth decay and dental cavity formation.

Myth: If your gums are bleeding during brushing, then no need to worry as it is normal.

Fact: bleeding gums are normal when the bristles of your toothbrush are uneven. Apart from that, bleeding is not at all normal. Excessive bleeding may indicate gingivitis or other gum issues.

Myth: If you brush harder, it helps in better cleaning.

This notion is certainly false. Brushing should always be as smooth as possible. Never be so hard while brushing that causes bleeding.Hard brushing impact your gums badly.

Myth: Chewing gum can be a substitute for brushing.

Fact: no other method can replace brushing. Chewing gum can be an effective supplement for fresh breath. Some modern-day chewing gums are invented for better oral care, but they cannot replace toothbrush use.

Myth: Charcoal toothpaste is the best option to whiten your teeth.

Fact: This is partially true.  Although marketed as tooth whitening toothpaste, it provides very limited benefits. Charcoal is a good absorbent of protective substances, that ultimately make your teeth healthy and strong.

Myth: You only need to visit a dentist if you are hurt or feel pain in your teeth and gum.

Fact: annual teeth check-up is a must for everybody. Some people only visit the dentist whe they feel pain in the gum. But you should always remember that “prevention is better than cure”. You must remove plaques or tartar if accumulated in a large quantity.

Myth: Never do flossing as it creates spaces between teeth.

Fact: This is a common misbelief you will hear often. Scientifically, no spaces are created during or after flossing. Flossing actually prevents tooth decay. By flossing, food debris and bacteria are removed for better oral health.

Myth: You can brush at any time of the day.

Fact: This concept is absolutely false. People prefer to brush at a suitable time. But, this is not the best option. Morning and night brushing is suggested to decrease the load of bacterial growth and trapped food particles in your mouth. Thus, you should at least brush at those times every day.

Stay away from misconceptions and take care of your oral health properly.

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