Must Watch: A list of really long movies

Wrapped in and under 120 minutes? No way!

Filmmakers set their hearts to making these movies and they didn’t skim on the process or anything. The directors have given them their time, so why shouldn’t you?

Here is a list of the best 3 hour-plus movies that you can watch.

Cleopatra – Elizabeth Taylor at the peak of her fame, the elaborate sets, the most expensive movie made at that time, Cleopatra is a must-watch for an epic transportive film.

Titanic – The historic tragedy of the Titanic fit in with James Cameron’s tragic love story of Jack and Rose and the fate of the thousands aboard the ship doesn’t feel like a three and a half hours long movie.

Gone with the Wind – The movie ran for almost four hours with Scarlett O Hara aptly played by Vivian Leigh. The movie’s end dialogue by Clark Gable is worth the runtime.

The Green Mile – A movie about death row prisoners is meant to be long. Green Mile does that but teaches us about human kindness and the ugly truth of prejudice that costs lives.

Fanny and Alexander – Ingrid Bergan’s enchanting movie follows a family in early 20-th century Sweden. It was remade into a theatrical as well a made-for-television version as well.

Lord of the Rings, Return of the King – Some fantasy films are meant to be long, and Return of the King does just that. Superb CGI, elaborate battle scenes, hallmark characters make this four-hours-plus movie a must watch.

Nymphomaniac – Lars Von Trier does make the film experience an uncomfortable ride, and this slow rise movie is a testament to von Tier’s style.The Irishman – The runtime brings together Pesci, de Niro, Al Pacino and Scorsese under the brooding tale of organized crimes that is slow but burns deep. When all the great names come under one hood, the result is criminally monumental (pun very much intended!).

Avengers, Endgame – The end of The Avengers saga had to be legendary. The three- hour venture brought all of Avengers’ and company superheroes under one name, against Thanos. Marvellous? Pretty. Damn. Right.

Malxolm X – Warner Bros wanted the movie to be wrapped up in under 135 minutes. Spike Lee refused. Production was shut. Prince and Oprah Winfrey helped Lee through production. The result is what we see a brilliant delve into the life of Malcom X.

Hamlet – Kenneth Branagh’s take on this Shakespearean tragedy is faithful to the original drama. It is however set in the nineteenth century and Branagh takes freedom in using styles like flashbacks and lighting to cinematically interpret the text. The result is marvellous to watch for all Hamlet lovers.

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