Must Visit Places in Aruba

The Caribbean cultural delight!

  Aruba located in the southern Caribbean promises a promising indulgence into the Caribbean mood. The island has skyrocketed as an offbeat tourist destination by its unique yet enchanting features—wind-sculpted desert regions, stunning beaches, untainted nature spanning across acres, turquoise blue waters and bohemian themed eateries. Plan Beach Hopping for Visual and Gastronomical Delights  Blonde beaches interspersed by natural wonders would leave you jaded and tipsy in Aruba. Its beaches offer a rich visual narrative and appeal to the five senses. On the beaches reverberating with the sound of wild swells of waves, you can aspire for a perfectly tranquil retreat. Quite a few dazzling beaches—Palm Beach, Boca Prins, Eagle Beach, Druif Beach, Malmok and Boca Andicuri, provide postcard aesthetics with their green fofoti trees, fluffy white clouds and cactus shrubs. Beaches stretch across acres of secluded spots that allow you to unwind as the wind rages and howls. The scenic beaches are lined with luxury resorts, boutique hotels, open-roof terraces and oceanfront dining. Crowds tend to thin in a few spots while it is perfectly natural to spot a throng of a happy and cheerful crowd in other parts of the beaches. Arrange for a Sojourn in Arikok National Park A dramatic contrast to the pristine and quiet beaches, Arikok is throbbing with life, wilderness and the unpredictable. Most of Arikok is accessible by a four-wheeler, so ensure you arrange for one beforehand. Hiking for around three miles is an alternative option nonetheless. Crawl inside the Guadirkiri limestone caves, explore the dunes, observe the wildlife, hike, visit the Stonehenge of Aruba and ride on horseback as the waves crash in an enchanting rhythm. Stay a Night in Oranjestad The city is Aruba’s capital and a charming delight! Dutch colonial architecture, bright-hued buildings, quaint shop and restaurant corners add to the charm. Even by taking a stroll along the lanes and bylanes, you could soak in the quintessential Caribbean aura besides discovering the city’s history and entertainment pockets. In Oranjestad, museums, art galleries, farmlands, souvenir shops, lighthouse and upscale shopping malls explain why tourists flock here. Climb to the top of Hooiberg—a volcanic rock cone, for a panoramic view of the city. An open-air ride in Aruba Streetcar would take you for a merry-go-round if you are keen on exploring every single quarter of the city. Aruba offers sailing tours in plenty which brings to the fore the splendour and glory of the island’s sea, silhouettes and sky.