Must visit historical sites in Goa for a rich historical experience

There is a lot more the Goa than just those beaches  Goa is the all-kinds-of-destination place. From weddings to birthdays, bachelorettes to holidays, Goa is a one-stop destination for all the fun. When in Goa, the usual party and travel destinations to go to are the beaches, forts, and a few museums. But there is a lot more to Goa than the said beaches and forts. Since Goa was under Portuguese rule for almost 450 years, the state has a rich history of architecture as well as cultural history. With numerous ancient sites, there is a lot more to discover in Goa. Here is presenting a list of such historical sites in Goa that you must visit. The Basilica OfBom Jesus A part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site (Churches & Convents of Goa), The Basilica OfBom Jesus is dedicated to Goa's patron saint, St Francis Xavier - whose remains are preserved here. This Jesuit church is said to be one of the best examples of baroque architecture and Portuguese Colonial architecture in India. While it is India's first minor basilica, this ancient historical building is also one of the Seven Wonders of Portuguese Origin in the World. The construction of the structure stands from the period of 1594 to 1605. The Se Cathedral church This is one of the largest churches in Asia and is located in the complex of The Basilica OfBom Jesus. Also known as Sé Cathedral de Santa Catarina, the church is a majestic white structure dedicated to St Catherine of Alexandria. The Se Cathedral church is the oldest and one of the most celebrated religious buildings in Goa. The construction of this church was in 1619, making it a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site (Churches & Convents of Goa). Reis Magos Fort In the Reis Magos village located are the two famous structures - the Reis Magos Fort and the Reis Magos Church, which also happens to be the first church in the Bardez area of Gao. For the meaning of Reis Magos, it is the Portuguese name for the Three Wise Men from the Holy book Bible. The fort held a construction dating back to 1551 and was rebuilt in 1707, serving as a pivotal site for a protective wall during the Portuguese and the Maratha war. Later abandoned, the Reis Magos fort was restored by the Archaeological Survey of India. Few other historical sites to visit in Goa are Corjuem Fort, Church Of St Augustine, A Three-tier Facade: Church Of St Francis Of Assisi, Our Lady Of Immaculate Conception Church, The Cabo De Rama Fort, St. Estevam Island, Tiracol Fort, Sinquerim Fort, Mormugao Fort, Chapel of St. Catherine, and Viceroy's arc.