Music of Mountain: Kashmiri folk

The Heaven of Earth is waiting with its heavenly music. Kashmir without its music is like a beautiful body without a soul. Kashmir has a long history of music. There were so many tribal cultures, so many influences from outside as well, and those altogether have generated an amusing variety of folk music In Kashmir. You can find different genres of music throughout the history of Kashmir. From classical to various kinds of folk, so many instruments and so many influences has made Kashmiri folk music a heavenly presentation of culture. Influences from Outside Kashmir has always been the target of outsiders. Who wouldn't want to rule HeavenHeaven? The Parsis and the Turkistanies have a huge impact on Kashmiri music. Apart from that, there were schooling of Irani and Turani Music for more than five hundred years; Badshah Zainul-l-Abadin was a great appreciator of these schoolings. Folk Origin: the root of music Research says that during the 10th century, there were some groups of people, like bands, who used to recite folktales and ballads among the people. Different groups from different tribes and locations used to propagate different forms of recitation, and this initiated the practice of folk music throughout Kashmir. After that,  they got inspired by the outsiders, and the amalgamation has created diverse folks. Sehri, Hukhabeth and Naindabaeth are three famous folk music genres of Kashmir. Different Folk Instruments Kashmir has some instruments solely invented from there. Instruments like rabab, sarangi, santur, yaktar are the veins of Kashmiri folk music. These instruments are made and played by the villagers of Kashmir. The amazing sounds give life to the valley. Folk songs in Various seasons According to the seasons, there is a variety of folk music. During the spring, they sing songs named ‘Sonth Gyawun’, the songs celebrating plenty of fruits and flowers. Lullaby songs are named ‘Lalnavun’.Folk songs for marriage ceremonies are called ‘Vanvun’. Hainzbaith: Folk songs of Kashmiri boatmen All people can’t drive a boat in the rivers of Kashmir. There are a few racial groups called ‘Hanji’ who are associated with the job. Hanjis are so hardworking, and they need full concentration with no disturbance while driving a boat. So, they sing songs to draw their attention; these songs are called 'Hainzbaith’. Apart from these folk practices, there are a splendid history of Indian classical music and so many Ragas like Pahari, Bhairaba, Lalit and Kalyan, Punggah, Isfahani, Iraq, Sehgah, Dugah and Rast-i-Farsi etc. Kashmir is enriched with its ample variety of music.