Mumbai's First-Ever Electric Double-Decker Bus to be Showcased at Auto Expo 2023

Credit- Switch Mobility Official Website

The electric double-decker bus made its first appearance in Mumbai in 2022.

Delhi and the National Capital Region will get a glimpse of Mumbai’s first-ever electric double-decker bus, which is set to make its debut next week at the Auto Expo 2023. For the record, this will be India’s first electric double-decker bus manufactured by Switch Mobility, an England-based subsidiary of Indian automaker Ashok Leyland.

Over 100 buses

Named the Switch EiV22, the modern-day electric double-decker bus will bring back the pride of Mumbai. After all, once upon a time, the city was known for its cute red double-decker buses and the yellow-black Premier Padmini taxis. The buses will hit the streets of Mumbai sometime this year once the state transportation department gives the green signal. By the end of the year, the city will have over 100 buses.


The bus used a permanent magnet synchronous AC motor that offers a peak power of 235kW of peak power and a maximum torque output of 3,100Nm. The battery pack is a 231kWh nickel, manganese, and cobalt pack that offers a maximum driving range of 250 kilometres. To get a driving range of 100 kilometres, the bus needs only 45 minutes of charging, whereas a full driving range can be acquired after 80 minutes of charging.

The cabin of the bus is fully air-conditioned and has 65 seats along with two entry/exit doors, two staircases, and an emergency door, along with well-cushioned seats for everyday commuting.

Return of double-decker buses

Aeons ago, a majority of the Indian metropolitan cities had double-decker buses, but with time, the buses faded away. However, double-decker buses are making a comeback, not just in Mumbai but in other cities as well. For example, a few years ago, the tourism department of West Bengal started plying double-decker buses for tourists.