Movies to watch this holiday season that parents will love

No, not Christmas movies. The beginning of holiday season means a lot of family time together. Movie nights are something that families can bond over. Movie nights start right at 5 in the evening which popcorn is made, the family room is set and movies are decided to binge watch with your roommates ie. Your parents, possibly your grandparents and siblings. Now, there are entertaining movies like Mean Girls (yes, you like stuff like that) or Avengers: Endgame but not the movie to choose for a quality family movie night. Here are the best movies to watch holiday season that you will enjoy with your family. Bad Santa The movie has Billy Bob Thornton as a safe cracker who is posing as a department store Santa so he and his partner can rob the safes after the stores close. They run into problems, obviously and the black comedy is enough to entertain the entire family. Ford vs Ferrari Ford vs Ferrari is entertaining to everyone, even if you don’t enjoy races in general. This 2019 cracker of a movie stars Matt Damon and Christian Bale with incredible storytelling and videography. Meet the Fockers The prequel was good but Meet the Fockers pretty much surpasses it. The cast is stellar: Robert DeNiro, Dustin Hoffman, Barbara Streisand, Ben Stiller. There’s stark contrast between the couple’s parents that leads to pretty hilarious scenarios. You’ve Got Mail Your whole family got a soft spot for a nice romantic movie? Then gather around the television and put on You’ve Got Mail. A little 90s romance, cheeky bit of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan exchanging mails and falling in love. Get that popcorn ready, Jimmy. Prepared to be happy. Frances Ha If you want to use the holiday season to attempt to make your parents understand about your lifestyle? Cue up Greta Gerwig’s charming Frances Ha and let them get you a little better. Or at least they will rest assured about your direction in life. The Parent Trap A Disney movie with a double trouble Lindsay Lohan as the lead? Oh yes, Parent Trap has and always be a holiday favourite among people of all ages. The “separated at birth” takes a modern twist with Lohan’s cute American and British accents and is a funny tale. Home Alone Holiday season means watching a boy of 11 left forgotten behind by his family while he takes on two thieves trying to rob the house. Macaulay Caulkin as Kevin has tricks up his sleeve that your entire family will enjoy.