Motorcycles to go Hybrid Soon

The automobile industry invented hybrid motors for cars, and in the years to come, they will decorate those motors on motorcycles

To some, the future of automobiles is electric and for a few others, it’s all about going hybrid. At present, it is hard to assume the fate of automobiles, but one point can be reported with surety and i.e., hybrid technology is here to rule for a protracted time. After all, most of the cars now are found with a hybrid system and they seem to play accurately in the market. Talking about hybrid systems, they are solely limited to cars at the present juncture. However, companies around the province are struggling in their own style to introduce hybrid tech for motorcycles. In this piece, allow us to enlighten you about various companies who are giving their finest to bring out a convincing hybrid technology for motorcycles. After all, analogous to cars; motorcycles are to go hybrid soon.

Before discussing the companies, their various technologies and patents, here’s a brief about hybrid motors for the unversed. Hybrid motors are a mix of electric and traditional (petrol/diesel) engines. While there are various types of hybrid motors, the most common one employs the electric motor to push the car at lower speeds, and as the acceleration increases, the conventional engine picks up the responsibility.

Kawasaki- A few months ago, Kawasaki released a teaser video where the Japanese firm claimed to be working on new hybrid technology for motorcycles. The manufacturer is keen on bringing a hybrid technology for motorcycles, since the technology will redefine the future of motorcycles and mobility. In the video, a hybrid engine armed on a motorcycle was caught conducting a dyno test and emitting an unaccustomed noise. Apart from the dyno test, the video also exhibited a map in which, the rider was observed to be employing the petrol engine on the highway and switching to the electric power plant as he/she entered the city. On the corners, the motorcycle was shown using both the motors to squeeze out maximum performance.

Furion- In 2017, French company Furion designed a hybrid motorcycle. The company named the concept design M1 and armed it with a 654cc Wankel engine along with an electric motor with five battery packs. However, it never reached the surface.

Honda PCX- Not a motorcycle, but the PCX is a scooter from Honda with a hybrid engine. In 2019, the scooter with a 124cc engine and a lithium-ion battery pack was mass-produced. The company named the technology “motorcycle hybrid system” because they aim to equip it in their motorcycles.

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