Motorcycle Brands that Started with Some Other Businesses

Before venturing into the business of manufacturing motorcycles, these brands were engaged in other businesses Royal Enfield, Kawasaki or Suzuki are names that practically everybody in the world recognizes because of the motorcycles these producers have been creating for ages. However, you will be stunned to know that many such famous motorcycle manufacturing companies were into some other businesses before venturing into the world of motorcycle manufacturing. Who are these brands and what is their history? In this piece, we’ve composed a list of motorcycle brands that initiated their adventure with some other businesses. Husqvarna- Today, they are noted for their street fighter and off-roading motorcycles, but there was an occasion when Husqvarna used to make muskets. When the company was established in 1689, it was a state-owned company that started as an arm producing company for the Swedish military. The firm turned into a private association in 1757 and kept manufacturing arms for the next 240 years. Finally, in 1903, the company ventured into the business of motorcycle manufacturing. Ducati- Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati, which creates drool-worthy motorcycles, started as the Società Radio Brevetti Ducati in 1926. The company used to produce radio components, capacitors and vacuum tubes until, during World War II, the company’s factory was burnt to ashes during an air raid. The company rebuilt the factory and introduced the Cucciolo, which was a bicycle with a 48cc, four-stroke engine. Kawasaki- If you think Kawasaki is merely a motorcycle producer, you are greatly misinformed. In 1878, the Japanese company started as the Kawasaki Heavy Industries and ventured into the territory of shipbuilding. In fact, Kawasaki built the first submarine for Japan and also developed the Type 3-1 Hien fighter plane for the Japanese air force during World War II. Finally, the company produced its first motorcycle in 1962. BMW- When BMW started its journey in 1916, it was dubbed as the Bayerische Flugzeugwerke AG. The company was created after Rapp Motorenwerke, Bayerische Flugzeugwerke, and Automobilwek Eisenach merged to become a state-owned aircraft manufacturing company. After World War I ended, the company’s name was changed to BMW, and the company created its first motorcycle in 1923. The name of BMW’s first motorcycle was R 32. Royal Enfield- At the time of its establishment, the company was dubbed as the Enfield Cycle Company Limited as it used to manufacture bicycle parts. Later on, the company won the contract of manufacturing rifle parts for the Royal Small Arms factory of the British government. That’s when founders Albert Eadie and R.W. Smith added the term “Royal” before Enfield.