Motorcycle 101: Usage of Engine Flush and Petrol Additive

Changing the engine oil is merely not adequate to keep the engine healthy. Several other things must be looked at, such as using engine flush and petrol additive

The power plant of the motorcycle is the heart of the motorcycle that must be taken care of. It requires periodic servicing (maintenance) to churn out the desired performance along with obtaining a satisfactory fuel efficiency. To gain these objectives, changing the air filter, oil filter and engine oil is not sufficient. There are some extra steps that one can take at home frequently to keep the engine healthy. 

This article is a do-it-yourself (DIY) article that can help a reader save plenty of money that is usually wasted because a motorcycle’s engine is not taken care of at home. In India, a bulk of people rely on service centres and most of them take their motorcycles for servicing after lengthy intervals. In the process, huge capital is lost and the motor never performs as per its capability. 

What is engine flush? 

An engine flush is a liquid that washes the interior of the engine. Inside the engine, sediments get accumulated when the engine oil becomes old. The engine oil is changed, but the engine is never ripped apart entirely and therefore, the sediments are never eliminated. An engine flush cleans those sediments. Usually, the official name of an engine flush is shooter or engine flush oil. 

What is a petrol additive?

Petrol is a kind of supplement that is utilized to wash the innards of the fuel tank. Similar to the inside of an engine, the interior of a fuel tank accumulates dirt. Therefore, it is imperative to clean the fuel tank with the help of a petrol additive. If not done often, the motorcycle’s fuel efficiency and performance may go down, followed by mechanical damages. 

How to use petrol additive and engine flush oil at home?

The procedure to employ the two products are extremely analogous. The petrol additive is to be poured into the fuel tank through the fuel cap. Once poured, ride the motorcycle normally and the additive will clean the tanks. Moving on to flush oil, it should be poured into the engine before an oil change session. After pouring, ride the motorcycle for half an hour and then change the engine oil. 

Quite straightforward, yes? Last but not the least, a petrol additive must be used at a periodic spell of 30 days, whereas an engine oil flush must be utilized once in six months.