Motorcycle 101: Highway Riding Tips After Midnight

If you are planning to start a motorcycle trip after midnight, go through this article thoroughly for several tips

In India, riding, in general, is an extremely tough job. However, what is even worse is riding a motorcycle or scooter on the highways after midnight. If you have never ridden on the deserted highways after midnight, go through this article thoroughly because we have shared many tips about riding in that situation. Put on the lights! Most of the Indian highways are not fully lighted with streetlights and the majority of them do not even feature illuminated dividers and signboards. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is install auxiliary lights on your motorcycle or scooter. The more the lights, the merrier it is because the more the lights, the better the vision. Given how poor our highways are, a clear vision of the pathway is the priority. Clear visor, keep a cleaner Once you are done with the lights, focus on your helmet and its visor. You need to clean your visor so that you can see everything. Not to forget, keep your visor down as much as possible because insects are likely to enter and hit your face through the visor area of the helmet. Also, if the visor is down, the insects are prone to hit the visor and therefore, you need to clean your vision regularly. While professionals like us cautiously clean the visor on the go, we advise you to stop the motorcycle/scooter and do it. Plan your route, install a GPS, note petrol pumps, police stations, hospitals and eateries Plan your route carefully and install a GPS on your motorcycle/scooter. It is very important to keep a track of where you are heading. Not to forget, note the hospitals, police stations, petrol pumps, garages and eateries that fall on your path. In case of emergency, those are the places you need to reach in no time. Remember mile markers, do not stop Highways after midnight are dangerous because they are deserted. Therefore, in case someone tries to stop you (even if he/sheis in police uniform), do not stop your vehicle and immediately head towards a police station. Also, remember the mile markers! In case of an emergency, you need to give away your location because the reception of your mobile phone may not be available at all times. Last but not the least, if there is an issue with your motorcycle/scooter; park the vehicle on the left side of the road securely and stay put until dawn. At dawn, start pushing towards a garage.