Moto-Journalist Sets New World Record; Visits 15 Countries in 24 Hours on His Kawasaki Versys

In June 2022, Sarasyn set the world record for visiting 13 countries in 24 hours on an MV Agusta Tourismo Veloce.

Renowned motorcycle journalist and rider Thierry Sarasyn from Belgium set the new world record for visiting the greatest number of countries within a 24-hour window. Recently, using a Kawasaki Versys 1000, Sarasyn visited 15 countries in 24 hours. For the record, by doing so, he broke his last year’s record of visiting 13 countries in 24 hours using an MV Agusta Tourismo Veloce.

The incredible feat

Sarasyn covered a total distance of 2,200 kilometres and visited countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

To keep an official record of his brilliant motorcycle run, the moto-journalist used Legend Tracker. One must also note that Sarasyn achieved the feat without overspeeding or breaking any of the traffic rules of the mentioned countries.

While many assumed Sarasyn was creating the record to raise money for charity, media outlet RideApart wrote that the moto-journalist created the record to hush the misconceptions several people have regarding motorcycling or doing long tours on motorcycles.


For the ride, the moto-journalist consumed astronaut food provided by NASA, isotonic drinks, and Imodium to keep his hydration in check. The use of these foods and liquids also minimized his toilet breaks. Not to forget, he partnered with brands such as Motul, Kawasaki, and Bridgestone, which helped him plan the ride.

Sarasyn also loaded the motorcycle with additional fuel to avoid long queues at petrol pumps, but he obviously had to stop to refuel. During those stops, Sarasyn used the restroom to refresh himself.

Kawasaki Versys 1000

Moving on to the motorcycle, the Kawasaki Versys 1000 is one of the most comfortable adventure tourer motorcycles in the 1,000cc segment and is powered by a 1,043cc, liquid-cooled, four-stroke, in-line four-cylinder engine. It has a peak power of 120PS and a maximum torque of 102Nm. In India, the motorcycle is priced at INR 12 lakh, ex-showroom.