Most Laps Led by F1 Racers in History

In 2021 at the Bahrain Grand Prix, Sir Lewis Hamilton created a record in the Formula One universe that is likely to remain intact for a long time Since the outset of the Formula One tournament in 1950, numerous records have been created and shattered. In 2021, an extraordinary driver at the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix has set a unique record. In the history of the fastest motorsport on earth, he created the record of leading the greatestnumber of laps in Formula One. So, who is he and which other racers have led the most Formula One laps? Sir Lewis Hamilton- Another day,another race, another record established by Sir Lewis Hamilton. For Sir Hamilton, creating records in Formula One is like taking a jog in the park. Year-after-year, the seven times world champion has wooed the world with his wizardry on the tracks in his Mercedes car. Since the beginning of his career to date, Sir Hamilton has led 5,126 laps; a record which is prone to remain intact for a long time. Not to forget, he is going to get these numbers up because he has no intention of retiring from Formula One. Michael Schumacher- Before Lewis Hamilton and the 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix, the record for leading the greatest number of laps in F1 was held by German racer and seventimes world champion Michael Schumacher. The legendary racer retired from F1 in 2013, but his record remained intact until Sir Lewis Hamilton smashed it on 28th March 2021 at the Bahrain Grand Prix. Michael Schumacher led 5,111 laps in his racing career. Sebastian Vettel- Four times world champion, Germany’s Sebastian Vettel holds the record of leading 3,495 laps in his racing career so far. At 33, Sebastian Vettel is still racing in Formula One for team Aston Martin, but sadly, the racer has aged and we do not see him breaking Sir Lewis Hamilton’s record. Ayrton Senna- An absolute jewel of the game, Ayrton Senna enjoyed a brief span of 10 years in F1, but in those 10 years, he created a legacy. Sadly, the Brazilian champion racer met with a grievous accident in 1994 and passed away on the track. He sits fourth on the list as he led 2,987 laps in his F1 career. Alain Prost- The retired French driver who won four world championships during his racer career secured the fifth spot in this article. Prost led 2,684 laps and won 51 Formula One races.