Most Incredible Monster Trucks in the World

With large tyres and long suspension setup, these trucks are beautiful and scary

Since we have devoted limited time on research today, we cannot tell a lot about the history of monster trucks, how they were born or who came up to with the idea to put on such big tyres and large suspension setups under a tiny cabin, customarily with two seats. In our opinion, monster trucks are fascinating and creepy, and to our surprise, there’s a slice of humans on this planet who love monster trucks. For those unique individuals, we sat down and spent some time spotting the most extraordinary monster trucks in the realm. If you are from that specific segment, scroll down and check-out this listicle.


Bigfoot is often identified as the first monster truck of this world, which was created in 1975. Owner Bob Chandler, who was a construction worker from Missouri, built the Bigfoot. Chandler had a Ford F-250 truck that needed mending, but Bob failed to locate an automobile repairing shop. The construction worker took the matter into his own hands and installed oversized tyres along with a mighty loud engine.

Grave Digger

Created by Dennis Anderson, the original Grave Digger made its debut in 1981 and since then, 26 of them have been produced with distinctive body and graphics. In the world of monster trucks, Grave Digger is a renowned truck that has taken part in several freestyle monster truck competitions. In 1987, the Grave Digger defeated the Bigfoot in a tournament that was held at Minnesota.


A monster truck that bears the emblem of Batman and carries the design of Batmobile, Batman made its debut in 2006. Under its hood is a powerful Merlin Chevrolet engine, and behind the steering wheel sits the fabulous monster truck driver Norm Miller. The truck takes part in the United States Hot Rod Association circuit and secured that crown in 2008. In 2007 and 2008, the truck picked up the Monster Jam World Finals. To use the Batman logo and artworks, the designer had to seek a permit from DC comics.


In the world of monster trucks, Cyborg is identified as a contemporary creation since its front wheels are not powered and they rely on independent suspensions. Despite having these disadvantages, the Cyborg driven by owner Jack Coberna has performed efficiently in numerous events such as monster truck racing, car crushing, obstacle climbing and freestyle stunting.