Most Good Looking Dog Breeds

Here is a list of some stunning dog breeds in terms of looks.


Traits like pleasant temperament, easy companionship, adaptive capacity to the household and society dynamics, and even decent levels of maintenance are what those owners generally look for while taking in a pet. Of course, the doggo has to be decent to look at too. For a pet lover and owner, all four-legged entities are a bundle of joy. However, it's no denying that some breeds produce regular Brad Pitts and beige George Clooneys or for that matter, Scarlett Johanssons and Angelina Jolies. This list will tell you about the best canine stunners.


German Shepherd


Too much of a dog is what a German shepherd is. Not only are they handsome with a huge personality, this breed, originally used for hunting or herding, is one of the most intelligent of its species. Extremely athletic, energetic, and agile, they make an excellent accompaniment to the military and police force as well as to the household alike.


Siberian Husky


Though they may resemble a wolf, they are very affable, devoted and loyal. It's their uniqueness — the almond-shaped multi-coloured eyes and triangle ears when erect, that impart a cunning look to these Russians. Various markings on their visage also set them apart from other breeds. These medium-sized working dog belonging to the Spitz family, are also recognisable by their thickly furred double coat, which is, in fact, thicker than the majority of other breeds. Being intelligent and active, they make terrific household pets.


Alaskan Malamute


In terms of sheer looks, Alaskan Malamute is almost a carbon copy of Siberian huskies except that they are a lot bigger and heavier. They're rather closer to a wolf with their big musculature and their two-tone coat comprising a mix of white, grey, and black shades. The typical difference between the two extends to their loyalties — a Malamute will be devoted to an owner, while a husky will bat for the pack. There's a downside though — they seem to pair best with experienced owners, require constant stimulation and are reasonably high-maintenance.


Kangal Shepherd Dog


As far as first looks go, Kangals are very intimidating to reckon, with their monstrous jawline and over 140-lbs size. These huge livestock guardian breed of the Anatolian region of Turkey, are independent yet calm and restrained. Their short, coarse coat ranging between light golden, fawn sable, grey and dun can fend off ticks and bites. Once they take a shine to their owners, they remain forever devoted and faithful. But for that, they have to be properly trained and socialised. One might have to look out for their unpredictable temper.