Most Expensive Aquarium Fish

Dependent on its inherent beauty and sourcing difficulties, the fish listed here are so rare and limited edition that, even if one had the money, it would be hard to get.


Just like a fish would need its water, an aquarium would need its fish! And those eye-catching exotic specimens that one would like to possess come at a price. Here's a list of some of the most expensive aquarium fishes:


Platinum Arowana — $400,000


The Largest Fish in this list, it comes with an equivalent tag. Its pristine white hue is a result of genetic mutations. Their unique attributes include metallic scales, human-length sizes and upwardly-pointing teeth. A few colour variations withstanding, the most common being the silver, it's the rare platinum variant that's most sought after.

Among reasons driving up, its prices are the SE Asians' belief that Arowana boosts prosperity, health, and luck while neutralizing negativity.


Freshwater Polka Dot Stingray — $100,000


Usually kept solo due to its predatory disposition, they being banned in its native habitat, Brazil, contribute to its high rate. Nowadays, one can procure these oval-bodied contrasting B&W fish only from limited captive breeders.


Rare variants with designer markings and even rarer mutants sell for much more than the standard fare.


Peppermint Angelfish — $30,000


The resemblance to the red and white swirling colour of the peppermint sweet in its pattern gives this fish its name. Vertical stripes on an orange/red base mark the patterns of this fish that can grow up to 3 inches in length.

Unbelievably, only one specimen is on display at The Waikiki Aquarium in Hawaii, US. Despite offers reaching $30,000, they have resisted the sale. The fish resides in a tank replicating its natural habitat, with other rare species.


Masked Angelfish — $20,000


Elegant in their simple beauty, the fish bears a brilliant marble white body, with a black mask. Lack of any dramatic markings is precisely what makes them so desirable. Throughout the different stages of their growth, their appearance undergoes slight changes beginning with a tiny patch of black over the face culminating in an almost blackish tail and a bigger face mask sporting a blueish-white pout.


Native to the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, where this beauty is idolized, a strict ban on local commercial fishing has driven up its demand and price.


Bladefin Basslet — $10,000


For being the smallest specimen to feature in this list, it sure commands a hefty price. While they have a brilliant white body with vibrant red markings, it's the bold-white blade-like dorsal fin, that names the species. Living at over 500 feet of oceanic depths, it's difficult to capture and transfer to an aquarium, jacking up its acquisition cost.