Most Economical Indian Motorcycles With Maximum Suspension Travel

Given how Indian roads feature potholes similar to craters on the moon, Indian riders highly appreciate motorcycles with maximum suspension travel!

In India, most of the roads are full of potholes that are as big as craters found on the moon. Therefore, motorcycles with long suspension travel are highly respected by Indian motorcycles enthusiasts. Sadly, most of those motorcycles are expensive and are not an option for the majority of the price-sensitive audience. However, the country also possesses a few economical motorcycles with long suspension travel. In this article, we have listed those economical motorcycles.

Xpulse at INR 1.49 lakh

At INR 1.49 lakh, the Xpulse from Hero MotoCorp is a brilliant motorcycle. The Xpulse has a basic telescopic suspension at the front, but with an impressive travel of 190mm, whereas in the rear; the motorcycle features a 10-step adjustable monoshock unit with 170mm of travel. A great motorcycle for treacherous Indian roads, the Xpulse never received the respect it deserves because of its low-powered engine.

Yezdi Adventure, the new kid on the block

In the 400cc adventure segment, the Yezdi Adventure is the newest kid on the block. Given it is a fresh start for Yezdi, the Adventure is yet to prove its worth in the market; especially against its closest rival, the Himalayan. At a starting price of INR 2.09 lakh, the Yezdi ADV is more affordable than the Himalayan, with 200mm of suspension travel at the front and 180mm of suspension travel at the rear.

Enfield’s Himalayan and Scrambler

At a starting price of INR 2.15 lakh, the Himalayan is slightly more expensive than the Yezdi Adventure. However, the low-end torquey engine of the RE is more suitable for off-roading compared to Yezdi’s unit with a higher top-end. Although, the suspension travel of the Himalayan is identical to that of Yezdi’s.

Apart from Himalayan, the Scram 411 scrambler is another economical motorcycle with long suspension travel. The Scram 411 is akin to the Himalayan but without the crash guards, windshield, luggage racks and other touring hardware. However, from the engine to the suspension travel, the Scram 411 is like the Himalayan but with an economical price-tag of INR 2.03 lakh.

Yezdi Scrambler 

Compared to the above motorcycles, the Yezdi Scrambler’s suspension numbers are not impressive. However, the 150mm telescopic at the front and 130mm at the rear are better than several naked-sports, sports and cruiser motorcycles in the 350-400cc segment. Last but not the least, the Yezdi Scrambler begins at INR 2.04 lakh.


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