Most beautiful nocturnal animals available in the world

These animals show different characteristic features than diurnal animals which help them in their survival.

We all know the meaning of nocturnal animals but why do some animals become nocturnal? Some animals like bats, skunks, aardvarks, and owls have some special ability that allows them to see at night. That’s the reason they take rest during the day and become active at night. As they are nocturnal, they have less risk of predation, hot temperature, and other animals.

Eyelash Viper, the yellowish poisonous beauty

This nocturnal venomous snake resides in the tropical rainforests of Central and South America. Not only yellow, but they are found in a variety of colors like red, green, and brown as well. They are named after the modified scales over their eyes. In the daytime, they always take a rest on the small branches and night is the ideal time for them. The venom of Eyelash Viper is extremely fatal for humans. They also use it to kill their prey. 

Barn Owl found everywhere

The Barn owl is an extremely common nocturnal creature found everywhere except Antarctica. They are famous for their heart-shaped face and beautiful plumage. During the daytime they remain hidden, it’s the nighttime when they are active enough to go hunting and it’s possible because of their acute sense of hearing and excellent eyesight. So, if you hear any of the bird’s sounds at night, in most cases it’s an owl.


It is a nocturnal mammal that is found mainly in wooded areas across North America. At night they travel up to 18 miles in search of food. Their beauty is enhanced by their dense fur with black masks. This mask helps them to reduce glare. They can eat almost anything starting from eggs, fish to nuts, fruits, and even frogs.

Red Panda

The famous Red Panda is a cat-sized creature that finds its home in the high mountains of the Eastern Himalayas. They look more like a red bear cat and less like a panda. This nocturnal creature spends most of the daytime on high branches of trees and comes to seek food only at night which helps them to be safe from the snow leopard, a potential predator.