Miyajima Islands: why you should visit this place at least once in your lifetime

The islands of the Gods or Miyajima Island is a special place to visit in Japan.

This little island is located nearbythe city center of Hiroshima. This is a beautiful place to explore the religious and historical significance of Japan. Apart from the scenic beauty, you will get an idea about modern Japanese life. Officially it is known as Itsukushima, however, people call it Miyajima island. Japanese believe thatMiyajima is the body of God and thus it is sacred. There are some interesting places to visit on Miyajimaisland. Do not skip this article if you are an explorer.

The Great Torii, a free-standing gate/entrance in the middle of the sea:

It is a part of the famous Itsukushima Shrine. This Shinto Shrine is regarded as the boundary between the human world and spirits. From distance, this shrinelooks like afloating structure in the water, which makes it more attractive. People prefer to visit this place during high tide to enjoy the floating view. There is a big pedestrian area around the Itsukushima shrine. The path is lined by gravel. Take a walk in the serenity and click pictures. You will definitely get some of the best pictures of your life in this background.

The history museum preserves the ancient culture:

The history museum is also a famous tourist spot on Miyajima Island. It has preserved the traditions and culture of this region delicately. You will observe the home of the Egamis, a famous merchant farming family. It holds poetry photographs, pottery, wooden artifacts, furniture, and so on. These showcase the traditions and history of that family.

Eating Momiji Manjyu is a must:

Momiji Manjyu is a famous dessert on this island. This is a sweet bean paste candy,prepared fresh all across the island. It is a popular treat while visiting this area. Miyajima Island is famous for these candies. You will find a wide variety of these desserts. The popular flavors include chocolate, green tea, and strawberry. However, tourists prefer to taste the original sweet bean flavor.

Aquarium display a broad sea life:

There is a large aquarium on Miyajima Island.It displays the local sea life. You will observe various Oysters, which are very famous in the Hiroshima Prefecture. You need to buy tickets ranging from 400-1400 yen for entry. You can also get some hands-on experience there. The authority guides you to hold fish to petting penguins.

Observe the beauty of Mt. Misen:

The tallest mountain on Miyajima Islandis Mt. Misen.The view of Mt. Misen from the forest trees is a photographer’s delight. You can also go to the observation deck by a ropeway or hiking. You will find three different paths for hiking. You may observe many monkeys and deer on your journey to the observation deck.

So, you must visit Miyajima Island at least once in your lifetime.

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