MG Agusta Strikes off KTM’s Takeover

25.1 per cent in MV Agusta.

Since 2022, rumours have suggested that KTM is planning to takeover Italian motorcycle manufacturer MV Agusta. The rumours began after KTM and MV Agusta formed an alliance to distribute the latter’s products in North America. The same deal gave KTM a 25.1 per cent stake in MV Agusta.

However, in an exclusive interview with media outlet Motorrad, MV Agusta’s majority shareholder, Timur Sardarov, denied the rumours. Sardarov spoke about the company’s future plans and also made it clear that, at the moment, MV is not up for sale.

Sardarov’s statement

When Motorrad asked Sardarov about KTM’s acquisition plans, the majority shareholder said, “We have signed a five-year contract, KTM has a right of first refusal just in case, as is customary among partners. But in the next three or four years, nothing will change in the majority, I don’t want to sell at all. First MV Agusta has to be stable and profitable, then we’ll see,” as quoted by Motorrad in its report.

“Companies in German-speaking countries often have a very direct way of dealing with issues, that’s their way of working. I get along well with it. And it’s nice that there is such a great interest in MV Agusta in the KTM boardroom,” Sardarov added.

MV Augusta’s future plans

Sardarov also made it clear that MV Augusta is planning to launch the Lucky Explorer travel enduro motorcycle soon, despite criticism from KTM bosses. The majority shareholder believes that the 550cc motorcycle would open new gateways for the Italian brand in two new segments: the 500cc and enduro travel segments.

“When we planned the 550cc, we were still without a partner, so the bike in our range made perfect sense. Now, however, we are also including KTM’s portfolio in our considerations, since we are building up a joint sales department. And it’s true, our 550 could be too expensive. But our 950 will definitely come; we have now also defined the final name of this new model series: MV Agusta LXP. Several variants are planned, including the Lucky Explorer,” Sardarov further explained to Motorrad.

Sardarov closed his statement by saying that this year, MV plans to produce 9,000 motorcycles, whereas next year, the company will try to hit the 12,000-mark.


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