Mesmerising forests from around the world

Can we just agree forests are nature’s underappreciated ecosystem?

Forests cover almost a third of Earth’s surface and is home to millions of indigenous flora and fauna. Fairy tales and fiction have made forests sort of a magical landscape where all fantastic things happen. In reality, forests can be truly soothing and mesmerising, a walk through can even soothe the soul. From dense deciduous forests to tropical evergreen, and everything in between, there are forests around the world that can leave you breathless.

Here is a list of mesmerising forests from around the world.

  1. Sagano Bamboo Forest, Japan – One of Kyoto’s most mesmerising sites, Sagano Bamboo Forest has a walking rail with tall bamboo stalks on both sides. It is almost otherworldly inside the grove-forest, especially when the sunlight flickers through the bamboo and the stalks sway in the gust of wind.
  2. Hallerbos Forest, Germany – If magic is what you are looking for, the ancient forest of Hallerbos near Brussels will quench your thirst. The forest comes to full bloom in spring where countless bluebells blooms and carpets the forest floor. The characteristic purple flower plays contrast with the towering green trees.
  3. Dancing Forest, Russia – Known as the Dancing Forest, the pine trees are curved at places, giving the impression of dancing trees; or as the locals call it Drunken Forest. The twists, loops on the trees have some superstition linked which says climbing through the hoops can grant the person a wish.
  4. Otzarreta Forest, Spain – Otzarreta Forest leaps right out of a page of a fairy-tale. With its peculiarly branched massive trees that towers towards the sky, the brook flowing through the forest gives it an enchanted feel. The beech and lark trees are its speciality.
  5. Lake Kaindy, Kazakhstan – Probably the only underwater forest in this list, Lake Kaindy in Kazakhstan, crowded with underwater spruce trees. A landslide in Tian San mountains broke the dam, flooded the valley with water and the spruce forest. The trees stand tall from the blue take surrounded by mountain slopes.
  6. Hoh Rainforest, USA – Out of the four Olympic peninsulas, Hoh Rainforest will take your breath away. Not only is the entire forest a shade of gorgeous mossy green, but also has moss hanging from the Sitka spruce and hemlock trees of the forest. It has been declared as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
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