Meghan Markle’s presence at King Charles coronation would be horrendously embarrassing – Royal Biographer

Things haven’t been smooth with Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle and the royal family. A royal biographer, Angela Levin, has even said that Markle will be missing the coronation of Kings Charles as her presence would be ‘horrendously embarrassing’ for the family and thus, they would want to maintain a distance.

Levin has made a strong statement about Meghan and said that it is easy for her to criticise the royals as she has not been with them but she won’t be able to face her standing right in from of them.

“I don’t think that she’s got the strength and the courage to come. I think it’s quite easy to spur nastiness when you’re thousands of miles away, it’s quite another when you’re absolutely there and you get cold looks and nobody wants to speak to you, apart from discussing the weather,” said Levin.

Adding to this, Levin said, “She’s quite gauche when it comes to being with royals and because she doesn’t feel she’s number one she’s awkward about it.”

Levin also talked about the probable excuse that Meghan can use to miss the coronation. She said that Meghan can use Archie’s birthday as an excuse to not come and it would be even accepted, however, the ‘four-year’ll doesn’t know’ about the birthdays.

She also shared her opinion further and said, “So I think [it’s] a wonderful excuse if she says she’s got to be there for Archie’s birthday, of course, a four-year-old doesn’t know when his birthday is and it wouldn’t matter, [but] it’s a perfectly good excuse for her not to come. I think she’ll find it horrendously embarrassing.”


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