Marvel Reveals the Tragic Fate of Kamala Khan AKA Ms. Marvel

Kamala Khan, also known as Ms. Marvel, was mentored by Captain Marvel in the Marvel Comics universe.

A famous character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Ms. Marvel, has lately passed away, according to Marvel Comics. Since Ms. Marvel's MCU debut was only a year ago, the news has saddened many fans. The character will pass away in the upcoming Spider-Man comic book issue, which will be published on May 31.

Ms. Marvel, whose real name is Kamala Khan, will perish while sacrificing heroically alongside Spider-Man to rescue the universe, according to Marvel. The first Muslim superhero in the MCU and Captain Marvel's protege, Kamala Khan, has gained a lot of recognition and popularity.

Marvel mourns the loss

With this statement, Marvel declared that the universe's heart had stopped beating and requested fans to remember and honour "one of Marvel's brightest stars." The business also disclosed that a special one-shot titled "Fallen Friend: The Death of Ms. Marvel," slated for release in July, will honour the character's legacy. Marvel emphasised that this plot will be an important part of its mythos and will bid Ms. Marvel farewell while examining how her passing will affect all of the Marvel heroes.

Official statement

"In the grand comics condition of other notable character deaths such as Captain America, Doctor Strange, and the original Captain Marvel, 'Fallen Friend: The Death Of Ms. Marvel' will be a crucial chapter in the Marvel mythos and serve as both a farewell for Ms. Marvel and a glimpse of her death's impact on all of Marvel's heroes," the website further said.

One-year anniversary on Disney+

A year has passed since the Ms. Marvel series on Disney+ made its streaming premiere. The show depicts Kamala Khan's struggle to fit in at home and school up until the point at which she acquires superhuman abilities and develops an obsession with the Avengers. Kamala interned at Oscorp Industries, according to the Marvel website, to keep a close eye on Norman Osborn, the company's owner and Spider-Man's adversary.