Man’s best friend: Some interesting facts about dogs

The cutest and the most heart-melting thing you can see are puppy eyes. Almost everyone loves to cuddle a dog, but do you want to know more about man’s best friend. Read on to learn more!

  1. Why humans and dogs bond so well: Some 30,000 years ago, humans started bonding with wolves that are today’s domesticated dogs’ ancestor. This co-existence and interdependence bought humans and dogs so close that owner’s smell can activate a dog’s reward centre in the brain; thus, triggering an instinctive emotional excitement!
  2. Yes, dogs can see in colour: Dogs can see the World in black and white is a mere myth. Dogs can see in colour, though not as vividly as humans can see. This happens because dogs have two cones in eyes as against human’s three. This means they can’t differentiate much between red and green but on the other hand, have much stronger night vision!
  3. Dogs do not experience the feeling of guilt: After eating all their favourite items or tearing down something the puppy eyes you see is not a sign of guilt at all. Dogs don’t experience the emotions related to guilt, but they do feel jealous when their owner gives attention to another dog!
  4. Dogs have a really powerful sense of smell: Dogs can smell a spoonful of sugar in water equivalent of two Olympic swimming pools. For the sake of comparison, a human can smell the same amount of sugar in a cup of tea! Dogs can smell diseases in humans and recognize organic compounds that explain the illness in the human body. They can sense your feelings too!
  5. Dogs have unique ‘fingerprints’: Dogs ‘fingerprints’ are not in their paws that looks pretty generic but on their nose. Dog’s nose print is formed by creases and ridges that are so unique that each dog has a different pattern and you can use its imprint as an identification mark!
  6. Dog’s hearing is four times more potent than human’s: Dogs are born deaf but as they grow they develop an ability to hear higher-pitched sounds in the frequency range of 67 to 45000 Hz which is far superior compared to a human’s ability. That’s why dogs don’t like loud cracker noise and tend to run away and hide!
  7. Dogs don’t need compass: Dogs can sense earth’s magnetic fields. That’s why they have a strong sense of direction and never gets lost!
So, next time you see a dog, appreciate how genuinely incredible companions they are to us!