Machine Learning: 7 interesting facts you need to know

An important branch of artificial intelligence, machine learning holds some amazing facts that will completely blow your mind.

Machine Learning or ML is defined as “the study of computer algorithms that helps the system to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed.” This has gained a lot of attention over the last few years and is being used in several fields such as data analytics, predictive analysis, computer vision, sentiment analysis, speech recognition and a lot more. Here, we have gathered some interesting facts about machine learning that you probably didn’t know.

  1. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are not the same. Machine learning is just an essential part of AI and it literally means “learning from data”. It learns from the data and gives us the results from the analysis. These results help us to solve a number of problems in a very quick and easy way.
  2. While machine learning is about both data and algorithms, it is the data that should be considered as the main component of machine learning. Because, you can access machine learning without a proper algorithm, but never without solid data.
  3. The results of machine learning depend entirely on the quality of data you have entered to it. So, if you provide wrong information in your data, the result will definitely come wrong. This is why you need to enter correct data to the machine learning algorithms.
  4. Machine learning is not just about selecting and tuning algorithm. Rather, it takes a lot more time and efforts into data cleansing and feature engineering. In fact, the hardest part of machine learning work is undoubtedly data transformation.
  5. Deep learning, a feature of ML, has gained a lot of attention due to its advance features across the application areas of machine learning. It operates several works traditionally and regulates the feature engineering in the areas of audio or video data. However, deep learning is not an easy process and it requires significant work of data cleansing and data transformation.
  6. People generally blame the algorithm whenever the machine learning systems fail. But it’s not really correct as the incorrect training data or the operator errors actually causes the problems and lead it to system failures.
  7. Machine learning has brought a revolution in the healthcare industry. Several devices, tools and sensors help the doctors to detect and treat diseases in a much easier way. Other fields such as social media, transportation, traffic alerts, google translate, online video streaming etc are also getting benefitted by the machine learning technology.

Unlike the beliefs of thousands of people around the whole world, machine learning is not going to replace human beings. Rather, it’s going to help us in various ways and change the world into a better future.

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