Low budget destination for solo travelers

Are you planning your first solo trip? Here are some quick budget destination ideas to help to plan your solo trip.

Checking out the beautiful museums, local landmarks and other beautiful places could surely be challenging when the other members of your trip have different requirements. On the other hand, what if you get the opportunity to enjoy each day of your trip the way you planned. Starting from spending hours in a museum or utilising your adventurous character through trekking in the chilly conditions for miles. The solo trip has its own simplicity, fun and adventure. But it’s true that there is one common challenge which most solo traveller witness is selecting the budget destination.


The three main aspects which need to be checked before planning a solo trip is the cost effectiveness of the destination, safety of the traveller and of course the serenity of nature.  Cambodia is always considered as one of the safest countries among the tourist destinations. The famous Angkor temple Complex in Cambodia is a well known Southeast Asia solo trip destination. Even for the female solo travellers, Cambodia is one of the safest destinations. Cambodia in comparison to other parts of Southeast Asia is much better on the budget. Accomodation or food in Cambodia will also help you to successfully complete your budget trip. The men or the women, travelling to cambodia for a solo trip could provide budget friendly guest houses and the nature lovers could enjoy the serenity of the environment as this beautiful destination is miles away from the busy Asian city’s bustle.


The land of smiles will not allow you to feel lonely on your solo trip. The Thailand solo tour is extremely easy as the country is geared up for its travel and tourism, hence attracting the younger crowd of solo travelers. Thailand will not disappoint you at all, be it sun-worshipping, witnessing the hill tribes or the Buddhist culture. The delicious cuisine, pristine beaches and the smile of the country will make your entire trip worth it.


The Mekong Delta, Hanoi, Hoi An, Ha Long Bay are some of the prominent tourist spots of the Vietnam trip. You could never miss the lovely beach towns in Vietnam which includes Nha Trang, Sapa and Mui Ne. Vietnam solo trips are quite budget friendly and this place has proper infrastructure in order to meet the requirements of the tourists. Wandering all around the Hue’s local market could be an essential part of your solo tour.

Are you ready to plan your budget friendly solo travel?

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