Less known facts about Disney characters

Did you know Micky Mouse was almost named Mortimer?

While we grew up watching Disney animations, there were some things we probably did not know. Stuff like Maleficent and Cinderella’s step-mothers are the same, two of Disney’s princesses had supernatural powers, Disney’s first ever film – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – was expected to tank the box office, Dumbo almost made it to the cover of TIME magazine.

For more interesting facts, read on.

  1. Several Disney characters have their name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Mickey Mouse was the first one followed by Snow White, Kermit the Frog, Donald Duck, Winnie the Pooh, Tinker Bell and The Muppets all have their names set on the star.
  2. Pocahontas was based on an actual person names Amunote. Though Disney did not accurately portray the character.
  3. Among all the Disney characters, only two had special powers. Rapunzel with her magical, healing hair and Anna with her icy powers.
  4. Jackie Chan has voice acted for not one, but two Disney characters. In the Chinese translation, Chan has lent his voice for Beast of Beauty and the Beast and Captain Li Shang for Mulan.
  5. Walt Disney disliked the spaghetti scene from The Lady and the Tramp.
  6. Some of the characters were planned to be antagonists. In Inside Out, Bing Bong was supposed to one of them. The other was Elsa from Thankfully the writers chose to go the other way.
  7. Dopey – one of the seven dwarfs- was actually supposed to be talkative.
  8. Sully from Inc is the hairiest characters in the whole of Disney.
  9. The first Tinker Bell to fly over the castle was played by a 71-year-old Hungarian woman who was four feet ten inches tall and weighed only 98 pounds.
  10. Robin Williams did a lot of improvisations while voice acting for Genie from Aladdin. The improvisations were the reason why Aladdin was not eligible for the Oscars.
  11. Ariel of The Little Mermaid is related to Hercules.
  12. We do not know the name of Prince Charming from Cinderella.
  13. Woody from Toy Story was almost made into a villain. Remember the scene where Woody accidentally knocks Buzz out of the window? Turns out the story was written for Woody to intentionally throw Buzz out the window. Good thing they made Woody a good guy.