LEGO: How is the toy maker company targeting adult buyers?

The Danish toymaker company is currently determined to help the adults find an escape from their stressed-out daily schedules.

LEGO, the largest toymaker company in the world has introduced an innovation strategy by pitching its colorful bricks for targeting adults. The company was traditionally focused on designing interlocking brick toys for children. However, a research conducted by LEGO suggested that the average adults were annually spending more money than the average children on the toys of the company. Thus, the LEGO group decided to produce more expensive sets for the adults.

The Danish toymaker company is currently determined to help the adults find an escape from their stressed-out daily schedules. The LEGO Group has launched new kits for the adult buyers keeping their interests in mind and it includes a 1989 vintage Batmobile and the greatly admired Central Perk Cafe from the renowned sitcom “Friends”. The company intends to nudge Gen X nostalgia within the adults to keep them engaged in something fun and productive. The adults have created a new market segment for the LEGO Group and the soaring competition within the toy industry has compelled the company to enlarge its targeted customer base. The toymaker company designed a LEGO set for the adult Star Wars enthusiasts named Star Wars Millennium Falcon set, to recreate the most iconic starship of the galaxy. This set comprises 7,541 pieces and it offers authentic details that will startle you.

The company nearly invested five years to bring about necessary alterations to make the new range of toys more suitable for the new targeted buyers. Repetitive activities are effective in keeping the mind loosely engaged and it develops a balance between mindfulness and relaxation. The new appealing LEGO sets for the adults can help foster an essence of mindfulness while mitigating stress and inducing a sense of joy and calmness.  The existence of a potential market for the adult fans of LEGO offered the company an opportunity to expand its market segment.

The toymaker company further designed a book to teach the adult builders how they can use the bricks to relieve themselves from stress rather than involving in the complex building process.  A reality competition series named LEGO Masters airs on TV in the UK and the US, which pits adult LEGO builders against each other to build LEGO projects from a wide array of bricks. Such initiatives by the toymaker company have successfully grabbed the attention of adults and have lured them into getting their own sets of LEGO toys.