Last Day Battle: Liverpool and Juventus Qualifies

In the 38th match of their respective leagues, the two teams qualified for the Champions League 2021/22
What a winding up it has been for the two clubs from the two countries! A few days ago, nobody expected Liverpool and Juventus to qualify for the Champions League 2021/22. Social media platforms were flooded with memes making fun of both the legendary clubs because most of the football fans in the world predicted the two clubs to play in the Europa League next season. However, theycameback, and proved everybody wrong by overcoming their last match; the 38th match of the season!

A few days ago, we reported how Cristiano Ronaldo’s car collection was spotted being loaded onto a trailer, hinting at a transfer. However, it seems Cristiano Ronaldo won’t be flying anywhere after Juventus finished in the top four of Serie A. After all, Ronaldo finally has something to look forward to in the approaching season of 2021/22. Not to forget, various reports mention that Zinedine Zidane may leave the club of Real Madrid to join Juventus. If that swings into a reality, we know Ronaldo is not travelling anywhere. After all, we can consistently expect legendary elements from the pair of Ronaldo and Zidane, given how they have destroyed their opponents in the past.

Moving back to the victories of the two teams, let’s begin with the match of Juventus. Going into the match, the dugout of Juventus was gloomy as Ronaldo did not start for the Turin-based team. Furthermore, everybody was on their feet because nobody wished to play in the Europa League in the next season. However, the scenario soon turned all sunny and bright for Juventus as Chiesa scored a goal in the sixth minute. Alvaro Morata added two more goals and a fourth goal was added by Adrien Rabiot. Thus, Juventus sailed into the top four comfortably.

In the Premier League, Liverpool’s 38th match was against club Crystal Palace. Given the number of injuries present in the team, it was an uphill task for the men of Jurgen Klopp. Surprisingly, Sadio Mane rose to the occasion; a player who has remained invisible throughout the season because of his terrible performances. In the 36th minute of the match, Mane scored his first goal and in the 74th minute, he scored his second goal. Crystal Palace failed to score a single goal and Liverpool ended their season in the top three of the Premier League with 69 points behind Manchester United and Manchester City.

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