Largest Dog Breeds In The World

If you're fascinated by their size, here's the list of the largest of the lot.


Alongside proving to be valuable companions, largish and protective dogs, also provide a sense of security to their owners. If you're fascinated by their size, here's the list of the largest dog breeds in the world.


(Old) English Mastiff


Height: 27-32 inches

Weight: 68-110 kg or more


These gigantic canines were once used by the Romans for gladiatorial fights. Not surprisingly, the Guinness book of world records recognised an old English Mastiff as the longest and heaviest dog in the world. That dog named Zorba measured at 27 inches in length and weighed 142.7 kg.


Natural guard dogs, they are intelligent and surprisingly, these dogs seldom bark. They probably are aware of their heft and can easily block or even attack an intruder, if required.


Saint Bernard


Height: 27- 35.4 inches 

Weight: 64-91 kg


Muscular and strong this breed can traverse through deep snow terrain for miles. No wonder they were traditionally developed for rescue-operations on the Alps.


If not properly well-trained, they can be temperamental. However, a properly socialised St. Bernard can be incredibly affable and patient. Daily walks are must, to keep them in shape. Apparently quiet, family-doting and indoor dogs, they can be a threat to trespassers.


Great Dane


Height: 30-36 inches

Weight: 50-90 kg


Originally bred as hunting dogs, they can get really tall. Zeus, belonging to this breed and standing at 44 inches on all fours, was judged the Guinness Book of World Records holder as the tallest dog ever in 2012.


Puppies grow rapidly and will attain the height of an average adult within a year. Because they are guard dogs, they can become very aggressive in certain situations. Otherwise, they are very gentle, playful, affectionate, and in fact, very sensitive, so much so that they make good therapy pets.


Neopolitan Mastiff


Height: 26-30 inches

Weight: 54.4 -90.4 kg


Once used as war dogs by the Romans, this mastiff native to Italy is a traditional guard dog. Needing strict socialisation, they perhaps aren't suitable for beginners as they're more responsive to dominant masters. Rarely given to barking, they are sensitive to threats and can quickly communicate it to the owners as well.


Irish Wolfhound


Height: 28-35 inches

Weight: 53-84 kg


Easily the tallest member of sighthounds, this Irish native was originally utilised for hunting and even wars. Long head & muzzle, long & strong legs that can generate great speed and wide & deep chest that provides sizable lung power makes them good hunting dogs. Taking time to mature, they are surprisingly not so aggressive and not the barking kind.