Lanolin: A Powerful Ingredient for Your Skin

Lanolin is a waxy substance that is widely used in skincare products.

It containsmany different properties that can improve your skin's texture in no time.

Moreover, it's highly beneficial for those struggling with dry or damaged skin.

Lanolin - packed with loads of goodness - is highly beneficial for your skin, especially during winter. This greasy pale-yellow wax is extracted from sheep's sebum, having a different composition than human sebum. It comes in two forms - lanolin and lanolin alcohol, the latter being more popular in the skincare industry. If used regularly, it may provide a wide range of benefits to your skin.

Read ahead to get a comprehensive idea about that.

It moisturizes the skin

Lanolin is loaded with emollient properties that retain moisture in your skin. When applied, it creates a layer on your skin, thus fighting all the invaders. Also, it softens the skin and helps reduce trans-epidermal water loss. So, needless to say, that lanolin is beneficial to treat winter roughness as well.

It helps lighten aging signs

Thanks to the moisturizing effects, lanolin also helps lighten aging signs such as fine lines, wrinkles, etc. This further makes your skin shiny, radiant, and youthful. Also, this is the reason why the substance is widely used in anti-aging products. However, the results may vary depending on the skin type.

It heals chapped lips

Lanolin also makes for a common ingredient in several lip balms available in the market. As opposed to the chemical products, lanolin enters deeper and adds moisture beyond the lip barrier. Also, it provides enough hydration, rejuvenates the tissues, and eventually makes your lips a lot softer. Therefore, it's highly beneficial to treat dry, scaly, and chapped lips.

It treats sunburn

As already mentioned, lanolin creates a non-occlusive barrier on the surface of your skin. Thus, it helps protect your skin from harmful UV rays to some extent. Also, it prevents water loss and helps regulate the levels of natural oils in the skin, which further results in lightening sunburn, along with many other issues. However, do not use it right after the sun exposure.

It can be used as an aftershave balm

People who shave regularly experience rashes, itchiness, and several other issues quite often. In such cases, lanolin makes a great remedy as it significantly repairs the skin and also helps relieve discomfort. For the best results, you can mix it with a few drops of lavender oil.

However, lanolin is not suitable for all skin types. There's evidence that it can bring some side effects if used on sensitive skin. So, it's always advised to do a patch test before using it.