Kudos Hollywood: Some realistic movies about space travel.

The masters of filmmaking took it to the next level and astonished scientist and astronauts with their accurate depiction of space.

From the time Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin touchdown the moon’s surface, we all have dreamed about outer space. Call it the apex of human endeavour, but most of us want to go out in space and unlock the mysteries of the universe. No matter what Nasa or Space X says, admit it, it won’t be easy to travel in space in the immediate future. But there is no need to worry; with these realistic space travel movies, approved by famous astronauts; you can travel through space. So, sit back and enjoy these realistic space travel movies.

  1. Interstellar
The movie to top this list is Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar”. This film is known to be very accurate, at least when it comes to visuals. It should come as no surprise that the black hole the lead actor travels to was designed with the help of theoretical physicist Kip Throne.  The supermassive black hole shown in the movie named Gargantua swallows the group of astronauts instead of ripping them apart as we are often told. Physicist Throne maintains that it is possible to survive a black hole when they are supermassive in size. You can understand the heights of the approval the movie got by the scientific community in the words of Michio Kaku. He said this movie would set the standard for future sci-fi movies.
  1. The Martian
The people behind the scene really put their all in depicting the accurate picture of astronauts on Mars. The set designer of the movie visited NASA and looked at space suits. All the cast and crew met many real-life space physicist and astronauts to learn more about the travel to Mars. That is the reason why the technology used by the lead characters are real technologies. Just a few inaccuracies here and there, Martian makes to our list of best movies of space travel.
  1. Gravity
The engrossing tale of astronauts trying to make their way back mother earth is another realistic film to look out for. The reason it is lauded by many astronauts and physicists that it never wavers from the rules of physics in outer space. Interestingly, astronaut Michael Massimino remarked that the wire cutter used in the movie was the same as he used in his spacewalks.

So, gather your fellow astronauts and go on the journey to the unknown with these remarkable movies and thank us later.