Kopi And Kaya Toast- Dining In Singapore

The ideal breakfast in Singapore, Kopi and Kaya is something you are sure to bring back home with you!

The Dulce de leche of Southeast Asia, Kaya is something you cannot restrict to just one bite. The traditionally sliced crust free bread with the creamy coconut jam is a sweet staple at kopitiams. The pandan leaves infused curd is something that the world is grateful to for having the excellent plate to dine on.

How To Devour It-

There is no right way to do it. When it’s on your table, you can trust your instincts on how you would like to savour your taste buds with it. You may want to get a full grub of toast or dip the bread with soy sauce. The cup of kopi strained through a thin-lined stocking makes the best and fresh smelling kopi that can be doctored with condensed milk, ice and sugar.

History of The Dish-

The much-loved dish originated in China from the Hainanese people. The fusion created by the locals included strawberry, jam and butter that were a little over the budget for the residents living in the shams. The residents came up with a meal made of coconut milk, eggs, sugar and jam that they toasted over a charcoal fire.

Here are some things you can keep in mind while ordering your kopi and kaya toast from your favourite restaurant-

  • With the simple ingredients, you don’t have to restrict yourself to getting it from a high-end place. You can always depend on local vendors and street shops for world-class fresh kaya. Many street shops sell the jam that is ideal to buy if you go to the countries in person.
  • If you are getting it from your airport, make sure you check in in your luggage, so you don’t have to wave your kaya goodbye from your carryon.
  • If it is your first experience with the meal, try to find some authentic restaurant that will not experiment with the dish and ruin the first taste for you. You may want to fuse it with things you like, like cheese, beverages etc., but try the authentic dish first so you can always have the taste lingering on your tongue.
  • Ordering the kaya toast is easy as there are not many variations to it. But kopi may be confusing to start with. Kopi o is with sugar, kopi Kuapeng is iced espresso with condensed milk, and kopi C peng is iced coffee. Having a bilingual friend is a blessing when it comes to the kopi!

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