Koh-i-Noor to be cast as 'Symbol of Conquest' in coronation exhibition; know more here

The exhibition will be held at the Tower of London.

According to the latest reports, the Tower of London will showcase the Koh-i-Noor diamond as a "symbol of conquest" under its new display of Britain's Crown Jewels, which will open to the public in May.

The exhibition will tell the history and other aspects of the diamond through a series of objects and visual projections.

It will open to the public on May 26.

Official Statement from the Historic Royal Palaces

Historic Royal Palaces (HRP), the independent charity which manages the Tower of London, said in an official statement: "The history of the Koh-i-Noor, which is set within the Crown of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, will be explored. A combination of objects and visual projections will explain the stone's story as a symbol of conquest, with many previous owners, including Mughal Emperors, Shahs of Iran, Emirs of Afghanistan, and Sikh Maharajas."

Andrew Jackson's statement

Andrew Jackson, Resident Governor of the Tower of London and Keeper of the Jewel House, said: "We look forward to expanding the stories we are telling about the Crown Jewels and to showcasing this remarkable collection for millions of visitors from around the world to enjoy."

"We are delighted to unveil our brand-new Jewel House display from May 26, offering visitors a richer understanding of this magnificent collection. As the home of the Crown Jewels, we are delighted that the Tower of London will continue to play its part during this historic Coronation year," he added.

Charles Farris' statement

Charles Farris, Public Historian for the History of the Monarchy at HRP, said: "The Crown Jewels are the most powerful symbols of the British monarchy and hold deep religious, historic, and cultural significance. From their fascinating origins to their use during the Coronation ceremony, the new Jewel House transformation will present the rich history of this magnificent collection with more depth and detail than ever before."