ISL: Fell Bengal, Fell Fowler

So far, the illustrious club has not been able to demonstrate their heroism in their first season of the Indian Super League

In India, teams Mohun Bagan and East Bengal are deemed divine by the fans and the Indian footballing community. Their rivalry is one of the fiercest derbies of Asia. If we count the triumphs of these two clubs, we will run out of words and space. However, today’s column is not about the accomplishments but the present ongoing fiasco at one club, East Bengal.

For those unversed, Mohun Bagan (MB) and East Bengal (EB) used to perform in the I-League. In 2020, Mohun Bagan merged with ATK to play in the Indian Super League (ISL) whereas East Bengal found itself a different sponsor and followed Mohun Bagan. At present, Mohun Bagan is identified as ATKMB (We can call it a fresh entity) while East Bengal goes by the name Sporting Club East Bengal. Going back to the fiasco, SC EB’s first season in the ISL is not going as they aimed. So far, SC EB is performing like a rookie club who has no idea of what they are producing on the pitch. So, what specifically is wrong with SC EB?

Trying to pace up with Mohun Bagan

When Mohun Bagan decided to join ATK and establish a new entity, the management of Mohun Bagan worked hard to create a seamless transition and organized meticulously. Therefore, Mohun Bagan and ATK (Now ATKMB) had the time to get ready for the ISL 2020. Since EB and MB are opponents, EB tried to follow MB and carried out a monstrous error. With no time in hand, they joined the ISL with no proper planning or forming a capable team.

Fell Fowler

At first, individuals were ecstatic to discover the legendary Robbie Fowler as SC EB’s manager. However, fans and the management are in awe as EB is lingering at the table's basement with zero wins. It seems that Fowler’s English playing tactics are not being adapted successfully by the players. Last but not least, Fowler’s stance as a manager seems to be a bigger let-down, as the manager recently said, “I just think we are a team that is built for the I-League. The recruitment process for this team was for the I-League and then we catapulted to the ISL. Now it’s up to the players to show that they are good enough for the ISL.”