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International Tea Day Alert: Signs Your Tea Obsession Might Be Getting A Bit Extreme

If you freak out over your favorite tea being sold out, you're seriously hooked on tea!

Do you always kickstart your day with a cozy cup of tea, just as the world around you starts buzzing? Maybe you're all about that delicate dance of loose leaves, steering clear of the boldness of coffee beans. And let's be real, those moments throughout the day when another sip of that warm, comforting brew is all you crave—they're the best, right? If you nodded along to all of this, well, you're definitely a tea aficionado. But, if you've ever caught yourself daydreaming about tea, even in your sleep, or eagerly awaiting your next cup while you're already sipping one, it might be time to dial it back a bit and reassess! So, shall we talk about some signs that your love for tea might be taking things up a notch?

Tea is your morning lifeline!

It's like the ultimate litmus test for your tea addiction! So, be prepared! Do you find yourself daydreaming about which delicious flavor would grace your morning routine? Because, let's face it, that first cup of tea is your reason for rolling out of bed each day! If the answer is yes, then you're in deep. It might sound a tad extreme, but addiction is no joke, even if it's just to tea!

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Your tea obsession is draining your wallet!

You've transformed your addiction into a passion and obsession! You've crowned yourself a fancy tea connoisseur, delighting in discovering exotic new flavor combinations that others have never even heard of. However, as time has passed, you've noticed that you're splurging a bit too much on those fancy international imports, and your bank account is taking a hit. Perhaps it's time to rein it in a bit!

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Tea stash expanding to wardrobe!

Because you're spending too much, obviously, you're also running out of places to store tea! Your latest shipment of teas just arrived, and you've already organized your tea cupboard for the fifth time this week. Yet, there just isn't enough space for new additions. Now, where will you put all this new vanilla chai, lavender hibiscus, and green tea goodness? At this point, you might start considering storing some of your fancy teas in the wardrobe beside clothes and handbags, some in the jewelry box... and then, looking for more space? Stop! Just stop! This is your hint that you're buying so much tea that you no longer have space to store it—your addiction might be getting out of hand!

Lost track of tea intake today!

Imagine it's 3 p.m., and the familiar sound of your kettle whistling echoes through the house. You eagerly pour the hot water into your cup, but as you do, you realize something alarming—you've completely lost count of how many cups of tea you've had today. Starting with that refreshing lemongrass pot in the morning, and possibly refilling it twice... Well, let's just say you might've overdone it a tad on the tea front. Sounds like your addiction might be creeping up on you!

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If you're still not on board, let's get deeper into why you should pay attention to the signs of tea addiction! Ever notice how water just doesn't hit the spot, but a nice cuppa does? Whether it's hot, iced, or even boba tea, you're always reaching for that tea fix. And let's not forget those matcha-flavored desserts! Feeling defensive when someone questions your love for tea? Yep, that's a red flag too. So, take a moment this International Tea Day to reflect on your tea habits and maybe dial it back a bit. Not just for your health, but also to honor the essence of tea itself. After all, moderation is key, even when it comes to our beloved brew!