Interesting Facts About German Shepherds

Here are some amazing things to know about these special dogs. German Shepherds are special dogs for many reasons. They are brave, intelligent and loyal. They can be a protective family pet and excel as military, police, and service dogs. Here are some interesting facts about German Shepherds you may not be aware of. Size and lifespan of German Shepherds This breed is considered to be large. Males can reportedly grow to be between 24-26 inches tall and females can grow to be 22-24 inches. The lifespan of a German Shepherd can be between 7-13 years. However, you do have to make sure they get proper medical care, physical activity, and healthy food. German Shepherds are reportedly the third-smartest dogs German Shepherds have been found to be extremely intelligent. In fact, they are reportedly the third-smartest dogs in the world. German Shepherds are able to learn a new task after only five repetitions, according to experts. What's more, they have also been found to respond to commands correctly 95% of the time. German Shepherds can be extremely active If there is one thing this breed is not, it is a couch potato. These extremely intelligent dogs have high levels of activity. They need plenty of daily physical activity as well as mental stimulation. These dogs tend to exhibit inappropriate behaviours, like chewing a couch cushion or destroying shoes, when they get anxious usually due to boredom when they are left alone for long periods of time. If you planning on adopting a German Shepherd, make sure they have plenty of space to play and roam around in. Use positive reinforcement to train them to obey and behave. Socialization is also important as it can help them become tolerant when they meet someone unknown. German Shepherds tend to be natural herders German Shepherds were originally trained to watch over flocks of sheep and herding through the fields. Their epic lightning-fast reflexes and ability to run really fast is why they are ideal for the job. German Shepherds are protective of their loved ones German Shepherds are one of those breeds that can make a great watchdog or guardian. They are super fearless and confident. While they can be very protective of their loved ones, it is also important to spend time socializing and training your dog to feel comfortable around other dogs and unknown people.