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'Inside Out 2,' a sequel to 2015 original, hit screens on June 14: Some lesser-known facts about the first film

Before you watch 'Inside Out 2,’ let us explore some lesser-known facts about the original film 'Inside Out'.

‘Inside Out 2,’ directed by Kelsey Mann in his feature directorial debut and produced by Mark Nielsen, brings a fresh chapter to the beloved story of ‘Inside Out.’ The screenplay, penned by Meg LeFauve and Dave Holstein, is based on a story developed by Mann and LeFauve. This sequel delves into the emotional world of 13-year-old Riley, introducing new emotions vying for control within her mind. Released in U.S. theatres on June 14, 2024, ‘Inside Out 2’ has garnered positive reviews from critics and grossed over $29 million. With this exciting backdrop, let's uncover some lesser-known facts about the original ‘Inside Out’ film.

Jangles is a tribute to a late Pixar animator

Jangles, the frightening clown in Riley's nightmares, pays homage to a late Pixar animator. This character draws inspiration from Joe Ranft, the visionary behind ‘Cars’ and the creator of Buttocks the Clown. Interestingly, Jangles is voiced by Josh Cooley, a Disney-Pixar writer known for his roles in ‘Toy Story 4’ as co-director and writer. Cooley also directed and wrote the Disney-Pixar short film ‘Riley's First Date?’

'Inside Out' has two leading female protagonists

‘Inside Out’ marks Pixar's return to featuring a lead female character since 2012's ‘Brave.’ In this groundbreaking film, Sadness and Joy forge an unexpected bond, making it the first Pixar movie to spotlight two female leads.

Richard Kind who voiced Bing Bong voiced a villain in an early Disney-Pixar movie

Richard Kind, known for voicing the lovable character Bing Bong in ‘Inside Out,’ actually began his Disney-Pixar journey as a villain. He voiced Molt, the younger brother of the villain Hopper, in the early Pixar film ‘A Bug's Life.’ Kind's versatility is further showcased in his roles in ‘Toy Story 3’ and ‘Cars’ within the Disney-Pixar universe.

Lewis Black was always the ideal choice for Anger

Director Pete Docter had Lewis Black in mind for the role of Anger from the early stages of pitching ‘Inside Out.’ When describing how Anger could be brought to life through voice acting, Docter frequently referenced the comedian. Eventually, Black was cast in the role, perfectly capturing the essence of the character with his distinctive voice and comedic style.

The stars of a Disney-Pixar short film make a cameo

In a tribute to Pixar's legacy, sharp-eyed viewers will notice a cameo in ‘Inside Out’ that honours the studio's earlier short film ‘For the Birds.’ When Riley and her family arrive in San Francisco, keen observers can spot birds sitting on a telephone wire, a playful reference to the acclaimed short directed by Ralph Eggleston, who also served as production designer for ‘Inside Out.’